As a millennial I thought I adapted to change quickly. I thought we were the trendy generation but I guess times have changed and the new trendy kids on the block are taking over!

In today's post, I am talking to you about the 5 Gen Z fashion trends that us older generation folks need to get up to speed with. I promise I won't make you wear socially unacceptable clothes at your age, but these Gen Z trends are pretty cool and for me, socially acceptable to be wearing out in public. Luckily the Gen Zers are really open to sharing information and when it comes to fashion trends they are all about sustainable fashion, which I love.


The first Gen Z trend which I am loving at the moment is Athleisure. Who thought being comfy could look so chic. Whether it is a stylish tracksuit or biker shorts, expect to see a lot of coordination with matching oversized T shirts and crop tops to support that athleisure look. 


It may seem that wearing skinny jeans, is a crime nowadays and, well, I am not against that! According to Gen Z, skinny jeans are a thing of the past, embracing a baggier silhouette pair of pants. Flared, straight and wide-leg pants are it right now! From mom jeans to boyfriend jeans these styles are the real hype now and I am loving it! Whether you are jeans or trousers girl, you can agree, loose fitting pants are the most comfy and are finally in fashion, which is something definitely to get on board with. Although Gen Z is embracing the early 2000s again, I just hope Gen Z never reintroduce low-rise pants again, like ever again!


I kinda like this generation, they are edgy, fun and most certainly all about embracing your true natural self! Bringing back the 90s small sunglasses are such a vibe! I love Gen Z's edgy take on the 90s and early 00s small sunnies. Pair it with some over sized flared jeans and a tie-dye crop top and you are good to go! 


Speaking of tie-dye, at first I was not enjoying this trend, but to be honest, it has grown on me. I am not sure I am a fan of too much tie-dye but I think a cute tie-dye crop top or hoodie paired with mom jeans and chunky sneakers could actually look quite cute. The one thing I must admit is that the tie-dye trend is much better than our millennial moments of rock star t-shirts. I am a girly girl, so the subtle pastel colours is preferred over the that edgy rock star life that some of my millennial skinny jeans friends are still holding onto. 


The last trend that I think it worth noting, is that Gen Z is all about chunky shoes! Whether is be sneakers, boots or loafers the chunkier the better. Yep, your grandpa's walking shoes are now trendy and well, as much as I have to laugh at this thought, I also sigh in relief that fashion is now about being comfortable, practical and most scertainly more sustainable than ever. The days of tight hugging clothes and thin stilettos, where you could hardly walk, are a thing of the past. Basically Gen Z are embracing ugly but comfy shoes and I might be warming up to this idea. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good heel but I must commend Gen Z for stepping away from what society perceives a woman and accepting gender neutral fashion. 

Although, everything in the Gen Z wardrobe is oversized, chunky and yellow, I am all for it! I don't think we are too old to hop onto these trends. In my eyes, the whole working from home life has really fast tracked the Gen Z Normcore fashion trends and I do not think they are going anywhere anytime soon. What do you guys think?

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