Although the brand, is only turning 30 years old in 2020, Avène actually follows a 50 year journey originating in the small French village of Avène, in between the Cevennes mountains. The pure and clean Aquifer in the mountain is where all the magic started. 

Last week I had the privilege of celebrating Avène's 30th Birthday, along side my nearest and dearest friends in media, at the beautiful Bella Restaurant in Sandton. Although I am not 30 yet, it still is an age that is creeping in slowly but surely. At the event we were asked what 30 meant to us? Something that has been coincidentally on my mind lately and a question I have actually been thinking about to myself as well. I have always had a passion for sharing top quality skincare products and products that actually work! There are plenty of products on the market and it can be very overwhelming to know what products work and what products do not work. Of course everyone's skin is different but through 12 years of research Avène has discovered the presence of a unique microflora, known as Aqua Dolomite, which has contributed to the efficiency of what we know today as Avène Thermal Spring Water. Avène Thermal Spring Water is perfectly balanced the mineral composition, through trace elements and silicates to help restore, soothe and soften the skin's natural balance. The use of Avène Thermal Spring Water is endless as it can be used as a makeup setting spray, an after cleansing spray, a spray for itching skin and skin discomfort as well as a spray for babies suffering from diaper rashes. The list actually goes on but these are some of the multiple uses of the Thermal Spring Water Spray. 

In addition to the brand turning 30 years old, we were also introduced to the magnificent Avène Anti-Ageing A-OXitive range. The range is aimed at protecting the skin and to reveal a brighter complexion with the new chromo-active routine. The morning routine consists of a combination of antioxidant shield complex of Pro-vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin E. The combination of the Antioxidant A-Oxitive Defines Serum and the A-OXitive Smoothing Water-Cream essentially protects the skin from daily oxidative stress and the harmful effects of pollution. The evening routine is a renewing complex consisting of a combination of Pro-Vitamin E and Reinaldehyde. The A-OXitive peeling cream is the equivalent of 3 peel sessions and can be applied on a daily basis unless your skin is not used to the tingling feeling of the peel.  The A-OXitive Smoothing Eye Contour cream, has been tested to increase radiance under the eyes by 57,7%. These are certainly products with huge benefits for all skin types and definitely worth investing in!
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