Nestled away at the end of the McGregor valley, one can find Lord’s Wines. The wine estate is located at the top end of the McGregor Wine Meander, which is known for its amazing diversity, consistent quality and great value for money wines. You will also find the infamous “road to nowhere” that runs from Robertson to McGregor, carries on through the village of McGregor and then just stops! A visit to the town of McGregor and Lord’s Wines is a must.
Lord’s Wines is a boutique winery off the beaten track and is, truly, a well-kept secret that produces fabulous wines. Originally a family-owned fruit farm, Lord’s is now producing some of the best wines in the Breede River Valley. The area is perfect for a getaway and re-boot in stunning wilderness. The town of McGregor is quiet, peaceful and relaxing with traditional, whitewashed, thatched cottages and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and wine estates.
Lord’s Wines has a stunning, newly-built wedding venue which is adjacent to the wine cellar and has breath-taking panoramic views of the areas indigenous fynbos. Wherever you are on the estate, you are met with the majestic backdrop of the Riviersonderend Mountain Range. The location and setting are suited for a whole weekend affair with family and friends. In addition, the estate has two modern ground-floor apartments on the farm which provides a great base to explore this beautiful valley.
I was fortunate enough to purchase Lord’s Wines new release - Pinot Noir Rosé 2020, just before the alcohol ban was introduced in South Africa. You can place your orders through the website by emailing: (delivery will take place after the ban is lifted).
Having previously enjoyed wines from the estate, the new Rosé vintage from this exclusive wine farm caught my attention. I love the label, which is simple and classy. The blush pink and gold embossed script on the bottle gives the wine an incredible soft and delicate look and feel. Rosé is an often-overlooked category of wine which is a shame, because it is perfect for sunny days. This varietal from Lord’s gives you so much to discover and does not have the sweetness often associated with South African Rosés.
The grapes used for this exquisite wine were only harvested in February this year and, incredibly, the wine has already been bottled and is perfect for drinking. A common misconception of Rosé wines is that people think that the wine is a blend of red and white grapes varietals, which it is not. Rather, it is made by shortening the key step in the making of red wine which is the “grape skin contact” stage. The light pink colour of the wine is lovely and was achieved from the short skin contact with the Pinot Noir grapes. This is one of the benefits of Rosé, it has the body of a red wine, but when served chilled (but not too cold), it is extremely refreshing. My rule of thumb is that I normally take out the Rosé from the cooler about 20 minutes before drinking. The Lord’s Pinot Noir Rosé brings tastes and a nose of exotic cherry and raspberry aromas and is surprisingly creamy with flavours of candy floss and rose petals.
As spring is nearing in South Africa, I have enjoyed this wine over lazy lunches on my sunny terrace. It is well-suited for warm days, but I could easily drink it year-round. I have paired the Pinot Noir Rosé with poached salmon, which complimented the wine perfectly.
What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile, and this beauty from Lord’s does just that! This Pinot Noir Rosé is ready for drinking immediately and is the perfect match for alfresco dining and sharing with friends.



Skincare is one the most important aspects of my life. Skincare is apart of my daily routine which I have instilled from an early age. Although I have tried and tested many skincare products over the years, I have always been conscious of the contents that skincare products contain. I have never really suffered from bad skin, but of course there will be times when my skin is not at it's best. Dull skin, uneven skin or even drained skin is what I try to avoid the most. I truly believe that it all starts with healthy skin.
Koishimaru Silk is the most precious type of silk in Japan amd is known to be exceptionally light and radiant, which is what the luxury skincare brand Sensai founds itself around. The natural elements of the Koishimaru Silk has proven to exhibit the production of hyaluronic acid. If you're not aware of what hyaluronic acid is, it is a substance contained in our skin that is essential for building flawless and youthful looking skin. The older we get the less hyaluronic acid our bodies produce. That is why we have to ensure that the skincare products we use contain important ingredients such as hyluronic  acid. When I look at skincare products, hyaluronic acid is the one element I will always ensure is contained in the products I apply on my skin. Sensai is a luxury Japanese skincare brand that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Although Sensai focuses mainly on their exclusive skincare products, they also have a fragrance range, makeup range and body range. Sensai has various products from an their exclusive Ultimate skincare rangeRecently Sensai has launched what I can call the Ultimate Cleansing Retreat. This range is definitely for anyone looking for silky flawless skin.
In the Ultimate range, Sensai has now added two new products, Ultimate The Cleansing Oil and Ultimate The Creamy Soap. Ultimate The Cleansing Oil is pure magic, as the cleansing oil is concentrated to gently soak off makeup or any impurities on the skin after a long day. The deep cleansing leaves your skin feeling hydrated and renewed. I suggest applying Ultimate The Cleansing Oil at night before going to bed. Ultimate The Creamy Soap is what I use both morning and evenings. The creamy soap comes with a incredibly soft cleansing brush that creates a luxurious thick layer of creamy soap that lifts any impurities and leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth. I use Ultimate The Cleansing Soap in the morning and after Ultimate The Cleansing Oil at night. 
Sensai is known for luxury and if I could have every product Sensai has to offer in my beauty room, I most certainly will. I cannot express how important it is to use the correct skincare products on your skin and Sensai displays it all. 

For more on Sensai, head over to my Instagram @fashionfundi.



Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with Bouchard Finlayson drink the whole bottle. This boutique winery near the southernmost tip of Africa, situated Walker Bay in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley (Heaven-and-Earth) produces some of the finest cool climate wines in the Southern Hemisphere.  The winery building on the wines labels is the farms architectural signature and representative of the combination of classic French and Cape Dutch heritage with modern innovation and creativity. The Tollman family are the owners of Bouchard Finlayson and sister property to the family-run boutique collection of Red Carnation Hotels.
This week I purchased the Blanc de Mer and Sauvignon Blanc from Bouchard Finlayson. Given the cold weather, one may be more inclined to purchase reds at this time of the year, but I can guarantee you that these whites are all-season wines! I am normally a fan of their well-known award winning Pinot Noir, however was intrigued to try the Blanc de Mer that features the Riesling cultivar.
I could not resist their special that is currently running which offers 20% off both the Blanc de Mer 2018 and Sauvignon blanc 2019. I ordered the wine directly from the online shop ( and was so pleased with the efficient and professional service. For those of you who prefer, you can also email or phone 028 312 3515 to place your order.
I love being outdoors and hiking in the Cape, and Bouchard Finlayson is one of the most idyllic settings to do this. The farm is conveniently located adjacent to the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus. You can go on guided nature walks in the estate, which has hectares of preserved fynbos (only about 20 percent of the farm is planted with vineyards). Fynbos makes up 80 percent of the Cape Floral Kingdom, of which two-thirds can only be found in the Cape. Bouchard Finlayson holds World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Conservation Champion status and their commitment to responsible and sustainable farming is evidenced in the preservation of the diverse biological environment.
Beyond the farm, you can also find pockets of beautiful Fynbos along the Cliff Path and outer areas of Hermanus. The scenery is breath-taking, and you literally feel as if you are in the clouds as the name of the farm suggests. In addition to their world-class wines, the estate also produces its own honey and delicious olive oil.

The Blanc De Mer translates to “white of the sea” and is inspired by the estate’s close proximity to coast where the Southern Right whales can be seen calving in late winter towards the end of spring. The Riesling in this wine makes it an unusual blend and the result is absolutely amazing! Riesling is one of the oldest grapes in the world (dating back to 1435), with current theories pointing to Rheingau in Germany as its origin. Riesling grapes are ideally suited for cooler climates as they bud late avoiding spring frosts and they have naturally thicker bark than other grapevines.
As you take your first sip of this wine, you will be met with a fountain of rich flowery aromas, with tastes of almond and apricot with an almost creamy middle to the wine. I paired it with a cheese platter for my partner and I and the complex, robust flavours of the cheeses complemented the wine perfectly.

For those of you who are Sauvignon Blanc fans, you will love this refreshing wine. Sauvignon Blanc is one of South Africa’s ‘Big 6’ varietal grapes, amongst Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinotage, Shiraz and Chardonnay. It is crisp and tangy, with identifiable detailed layers of flavours and hints of grapefruit in the glass. The wine is more tropical than grassy, with a delicate palate that is not overpowering.
On a personal note, the one thing I love about Sauvignon Blanc is that it is so easy to pair with food, as it literally goes with anything! Cool climate white wines such as this one from the Walker Bay area are always my go-to for fish, sushi and Poke Bowls.

Treat yourself and try these elegant, crisp and refreshing whites from Bouchard Finlayson, you will not be disappointed!



I need a glass of wine…or a bottle…or a winery in Stellenbosch! I still do not know what a wine stopper is for… even during the lock-down! Today I am sharing with you an exquisite wine farm in the Cape Winelands, Haskell Vineyards. I visited the farm at the beginning of the year as part of a scoping visit for my wedding clients. Looking back on my visit to this beautiful farm, I absolutely cannot wait until I can travel again and spend a weekend in the luxurious accommodation on site. The location provides the perfect base to explore one of my favourite wine regions. Haskell Vineyards can be found tucked away in the Golden Triangle (one of South Africa’s finest growing sub-regions) in the Helderberg area.
It is a scenic drive up to Haskell Vineyards, passing rows and rows of vineyards. I was already so excited before I even reached the estate, as I love vineyard weddings! Weddings held in vineyards are one of the most serene and gorgeous weddings that you will ever attend. You will see from the minute you arrive at Haskell Vineyards that this wine estate has everything that you need to create the atmosphere for a fairy tale wedding and a day to never forget.
Barbara, the Operations Manager of Haskell Vineyards and the Longtable Restaurant hosted Fashion Fundi at this niche wine estate. As you approach the entrance of the Longtable Restaurant, you can immediately see the incredible views over the valley that you are privy to from the restaurant. The entrance has elegant black and white tessellating tiles and a stunning tree-root table, that I absolutely loved! The quaint tasting room with the dark slate wall, gives it a dramatic feel as you enter the restaurant, preparing to sip on magnificent wine, grown in the unique terroir of this region.  
The restaurant has large stacking glass doors, allowing you to experience the panoramic views over the outside patio, surrounded by large and established fauna and flora. The modern and simple finishes encapsulate the natural climate and environment, where the views of the breath-taking mountains provide the perfect canvas for a beautiful wedding. The restaurant can accommodate 100 people and is suited for a classy intimate wedding.
The Longtable restaurant is contemporary and the galley wall of plates is creative and a great spot for photos. It has high-end luxurious décor finishes and light fixtures throughout. I always believe that crockery, cutlery and music contribute to at least as much the enjoyment of a meal as the food itself, highlighted by the stunning selection of hand-made porcelain plates, including my favourite – the matte black design!
There is a private pathway that leads from the restaurant to a grass embankment, which I think would be perfect for the ceremony site and the “I Do’s”. The views from here are outstanding and it is surrounded by a well-established indigenous garden of aloes, succulents and strelitzia, providing a lovely backdrop for where it all happens.
Adjacent to the restaurant is a courtyard with a pond and well-maintained lawns that flow into a classic lounge with comfortable leather couches and Persian rugs that overlook the stainless-steel tanks. This space, I can imagine would be well suited to canapes and live music post the ceremony while the wedding couple go for their photos.
For the bridal party, there is accommodation on site with “The Residence” that has two large rooms and bathrooms and “The Cottage” which is a loft-styled apartment. The Residence, which is in traditional Cape Dutch style is elegantly appointed with large art pieces and a mix of vintage and modern elements, giving it a charming feel. The huge fireplace would make a stunning backdrop for the bridal portrait and the “getting ready” photos. Some of my favourite moments are those captured before the ceremony, and this accommodation will provide a meaningful location for this (making the photographers job even easier!).
Haskell Dombeya has everything you want for an upmarket, exclusive private wedding venue surrounded by beautiful mountain views to create lifelong memories with friends and family.


What a crazy time it is in the world! Marc and I came home from the most magnificent safari trip back in March to South Africa declaring a 21 day nationwide lock down as result of COVID-19. Now we are currently on day 100 and something of being in self isolation. Despite this crazy 21st century pandemic, that nobody saw coming, the trip to Nambiti Hills was definitely one for the books.

If you're looking for a small non-commercialised private safari experience, then Nambiti Hills is the destination for you. The lodge host approximately 8 luxury suites, one honeymoon suite and the most beautiful tented spa and wellness area. Nambiti Hills prides itself on offering a fine dining experience, with a three course breakfast and dinner every day. In between these two meals, the lodge offers high tea in the afternoon as well as snacks on both the sunrise and sunset game drives. If you're like Marc and I, who love a hot cup of coffee in the morning with a rusk or two, then you HAVE to visit Nambiti Hills. The homemade rusks, muffins and chocolate chip cookies offered every morning on the sunrise game drive was our absolute highlight of the trip. I know it may seem simple, but isn't it about the simple things in life? 
We had a wonderful game ranger who was solely responsible for taking us on private game drives for our entire stay at Nambiti Hills. The staff welcomed us daily by name and the trip felt very personalised for our needs. On our last evening at Nambiti Hills, the lodge treated us to the most romantic candle lit bath and bedroom set up. We arrived back from a delicious dinner with other guests who we became friendly with and dived into this magical warm bath covered in rose petals and candles. Regardless if you're a hopeless romantic like me or not, Nambiti Hills offers so much for everyone. Our trip to the lodge was at the end of the summer and it felt more like autumn when we were there as it rained our entire trip, which actually was the best for when going to the bush. The animals come out to play and it makes for the best cozy bonfire evenings. Needless to say, Nambiti Hills is also perfect for the summer months, it has the most breathtaking view from the pool that over looks the Nambiti Game Reserve for 100s of kilometres. The one day we sat by the bonfire and had a G&T (as one does in the bush) and a giant bull elephant crossed our path near the lodge. It was so beautiful but words cannot even describe the beauty of being in the wild amongst the big five. Speaking of the big five, we were lucky enough to see 4 of the 5 animals. Unfortunately, leopards are always the trickiest to spot in the bush but we luckily spotted Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and the king of the jungle, Lion. We also went on a glorious morning game drive and spotted my favourite animal of all, the cheetah. Giraffe and Zebra were of course everywhere you looked and so were the waterbuck, hippos and bush buck. 

It is sad to see how the hospitality industry is suffering so badly due to the corona virus pandemic but once the world gets back to normal, I highly recommend booking a safari vacation at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience.



When you are on your fourth glass of wine and you realize, it is 16:00! What can I say, this is the effect of lock-down on a wine lover! Given that fact that my wine is running very low at the moment due to lockdown, I thought I would share with you one of my most recent wine estate finds! I visited Clos Malverne back in March (when we all still had the opportunity to travel and when life was "normal"). I was travelling around the Western Cape on behalf of one of my clients’ wedding venues.  As part of a short-listing of wine estates, I made may way through Clos Malverne for the very first time and I thought I had to share with you what this farm has to offer!
Clos Malverne is a hidden gem, situated just outside of Stellenbosch in the Devon Valley (about 10 minutes from the main town of Stellenbosch). Off the beaten track of larger more commercial farms, this family owned farm offers beautiful views from the restaurant, of the surrounding vineyards and mountain tops. “Clos” comes from the French word “enclosure” which is a walled vineyard. The owner named the farm after this, given the manner in which the terroir encloses the farm providing a unique mesoclimate for the grapes.  
As you approach the restaurant you are greeted by beautiful gardens and large bushes of “white sparkle”, which will provide a wistful background for wedding photos. The white, flushed pink flowers resemble a multitude of butterflies on the plants. The seclusion of the farm from the main road, gives one a feeling of intimacy and adds such a romantic feel, which any nuptials will adore! This romantic wedding venue with its breathtaking views does all the hard work for you with very little required in terms of décor.
You have stunning views of the mountains from the open plan restaurant which accommodates anything between 80 – 120 guests. The space is suited for long dining tables, that will create a close familiar feel for the wedding guests. In the event of rain or poor weather the restaurant is completely enclosed with glass sides so that you can still enjoy a comfortable experience inside, but have the feeling of being outside in the vineyards! The day that I visited the Clos Malverne, it was a sunny day with a few wispy clouds and the view from the terrace was lovely.
 Around the corner from the restaurant, the estate has rolling lawns with a large swimming pool that you can lounge at on the deck. The area adjacent would be well suited for a pre-wedding get together the night before. Another great value add that Clos Malverne has to offer is that there is a beautiful spa on the property for pre or post wedding pampering. The spa also has a large wet-room, spa bath and steam room where you can enjoy massages and body treatments with the bridal party.
The estate offers accommodation on site which sleeps 18 people and consists of 9 luxurious rooms, but you could easily accommodate wedding guests in the main town of Stellenbosch given the proximity.
If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Stellenbosch winelands, you will not go wrong with Clos Malverne. If you are not looking to get married, but just want an authentic wine experience, stop in at Clos Malverne for a gourmet dining experience. You will not be disappointed!


Gosh, let's think back to last year this time, when it was Spring in Europe & Autumn in South Africa. Everyone was out and about, enjoying social gatherings with friends and family, shopping up a storm and enjoying the outdoors. Nowadays we have had to adapt to a new way of life. A life of social distancing, self-isolation and meeting up with friends and family via Zoom. Luckily we have had amazing brands to thank for helping us #staysafe during this terrible pandemic, otherwise known as Corona. One of my favourite brands that I have recently discovered was Omni Protect, which is a hand and surface sanitizing spray that contains 70% alcohol. Did you know that anything less than 70% alcohol is ineffective and anything over 70% alcohol causes blockages which ultimately doesn't help the germ from staying clear from us. Omni Protect has combined the perfect formula to ensure that we are protected from any germs and has also ensured that it is environmentally friendly.
I have tried to minimize my time spent away from home, but obviously grocery runs are essential once a week. I make sure to sanitize my hands and clothes before leaving home. Once I return from the shops I make sure to sanitize my steering wheel, grocery bags & myself once again by using Omni Protect's sanitizing spray. You can never be sure what you have touched at the shops that might have carried the virus or any germ for that matter. As they say, rather be safe than sorry right? I think the best thing about Omni Protect and the reason why I use this sanitizing spray over any other brand is because Omni Protect is currently the only sanitizing spray that is safe to use on softs, like delicate fabrics. My worst nightmare would be ruin my favourite coat or jeans because of a harsh sanitizing spray. I know that Omni Protect sanitizing spray is safe to use on my clothes and on my grocery items. It really is a win win!
Some more exciting news about this brand, that came to my attention today, which I had to share with you! Omni Protect has partnered with some amazing local personalities, such as Amanda du-Pont, Siya Kolisi & Rachel Kolisi to donate 4000 litres to communities in need as part of their CSI campaign called #SprayItForward. Omni Protect is giving back to communities by rolling out sanitizing stations to major retailers to both the staff and customers. 
You can purchase your Omni Protect Sanitizing Spray at ClicksBuilders WarehousePick 'n PayDischemSpar and Mr Price Home

Wishing you all health and happiness during this difficult worldwide pandemic.
Stay Safe!



Since the COVID-19 (Corona) outbreak, the world has pretty much come to a stand still and I can only think and wander what the future has in store for us once this pandemic is over. Although the world economy is taking strain, I can only sympathize with small businesses across the world who are suffering the most in the business world. There are so many small businesses out there that have had to put a sudden halt on production while under #lockdown and have to patiently wait for this all to blow over. I know that the pandemic will soon be over, but the ripple effect that it will have on the economy is detrimental. Anyway, enough economic talk, I just wanted to pop in and promote a special jewellery brand that I came across at the beginning of the year, which I have instantly fallen in love with!
“Adorn at dawn” is this bespoke jewellery design’s philosophy. In such times of uncertainty and stress, I love the way that A Bird Named Frank sees jewellery as fundamental to the human psyche. A second skin that becomes an uninterrupted history of wearing our imagination.
I am so excited to have had the opportunity of collaborating with A Bird Named Frank (ABNF) for a Client of mine, who is getting married in Franschhoek later this year. ABNF was established in 2010 and their high quality handmade jewellery embody their founders, Caryn and Peter, who both have a background in fashion and sculpture.
Featuring the “Rarara” necklace from the Cloud Gate Collection, the three polished brass circles on the sterling silver chain is a delicate and unique piece that can be paired perfectly with a sophisticated outfit for a special occasion, but could also instantly dress up a casual outfit out on the town.
For the ears, I have featured the “Falling Pearls” and “Hold the Ocean”, brass and pearl hoop stud earrings from the Hot Spring Symmetrical Collection. I love the fact that pearls are the only gemstone that come from a living being which always gives a timeless, yet sophisticated look. These earrings are big enough to wear as a statement piece with your hair tied up, but are also so comfortable to wear and pair beautifully with a subtle necklace or bracelet. The use of the natural river pearls means that the pearls all have their own asymmetrical shapes, making each pair of earrings unique and different from the other. 
I particularly like the natural matte finish of all the ABNF products, which will develop a natural patina over time. If you prefer bright and shiny jewellery, all products come with a special polishing cloth for this purpose. Inevitably, over time, the shine will fade so the polishing cloth is great for quickly adding the shine back into the jewellery.

For more info on A Bird Name Frank, click here!



Although the brand, is only turning 30 years old in 2020, Avène actually follows a 50 year journey originating in the small French village of Avène, in between the Cevennes mountains. The pure and clean Aquifer in the mountain is where all the magic started. 

Last week I had the privilege of celebrating Avène's 30th Birthday, along side my nearest and dearest friends in media, at the beautiful Bella Restaurant in Sandton. Although I am not 30 yet, it still is an age that is creeping in slowly but surely. At the event we were asked what 30 meant to us? Something that has been coincidentally on my mind lately and a question I have actually been thinking about to myself as well. I have always had a passion for sharing top quality skincare products and products that actually work! There are plenty of products on the market and it can be very overwhelming to know what products work and what products do not work. Of course everyone's skin is different but through 12 years of research Avène has discovered the presence of a unique microflora, known as Aqua Dolomite, which has contributed to the efficiency of what we know today as Avène Thermal Spring Water. Avène Thermal Spring Water is perfectly balanced the mineral composition, through trace elements and silicates to help restore, soothe and soften the skin's natural balance. The use of Avène Thermal Spring Water is endless as it can be used as a makeup setting spray, an after cleansing spray, a spray for itching skin and skin discomfort as well as a spray for babies suffering from diaper rashes. The list actually goes on but these are some of the multiple uses of the Thermal Spring Water Spray. 

In addition to the brand turning 30 years old, we were also introduced to the magnificent Avène Anti-Ageing A-OXitive range. The range is aimed at protecting the skin and to reveal a brighter complexion with the new chromo-active routine. The morning routine consists of a combination of antioxidant shield complex of Pro-vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin E. The combination of the Antioxidant A-Oxitive Defines Serum and the A-OXitive Smoothing Water-Cream essentially protects the skin from daily oxidative stress and the harmful effects of pollution. The evening routine is a renewing complex consisting of a combination of Pro-Vitamin E and Reinaldehyde. The A-OXitive peeling cream is the equivalent of 3 peel sessions and can be applied on a daily basis unless your skin is not used to the tingling feeling of the peel.  The A-OXitive Smoothing Eye Contour cream, has been tested to increase radiance under the eyes by 57,7%. These are certainly products with huge benefits for all skin types and definitely worth investing in!


If you are a brunch snob like me, then there is no doubt that finding a decent place to enjoy a long boozy brunch is rare! For me at least, it is always a challenge to find a great boozy brunch spot in South Africa! I want decent champagne with my oysters ok! ;) But on a serious note, it really is not as trendy as other parts of the world. I know when I've traveled abroad to Europe and America, it never seems to be difficult to find a nice Saturday or Sunday brunch location. Recently, when I was in New York City, there were so many restaurants offering long boozy brunches on the weekend. Don't get me wrong, in South Africa, there are plenty of cute cafes that offer breakfast and lunch but unfortunately nothing in between and most certainly nothing worth writing home about that involves a scrumptious Mimosa or two. The three things I look for when searching for the perfect weekend brunch spot is 1.) good food, 2.) decent champagne and 3.) a great vibe! You think this list is easy to find but trust me it really isn't. Needless to say, this blog post is not a ranting session. There is actually light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fear no more, whether you are from South Africa or visiting the country for a while, I have the perfect brunch location for you little boozy brunches. (insert drum roll please) I travel to Cape Town quite often (which I am so grateful for) and every time I am in the city, there is one destination in particular that I will make sure I stop and have brunch at! The Radisson Blu Waterfront hosts one of the finest Saturday Boozy Brunches that I have experienced in South Africa. Known as the Breakers Brunch, it really is a spot you have to hit when you are in town. With a never ending starter buffet involving freshly made sushi, seared salmon, and fresh out of the ocean oysters, it is enough to make you go wild! It doesn't stop there, for your main course you can choose between a seafood platter, a meat platter, a "surf & turf" platter or a delicious vegan platter. I love seafood so I always opt for the seafood platter and it never disappoints. The extensive drinks menu is never ending and if you opt to go for the boozy brunch, I can guarantee you will be getting value for your money! (Trust me, the mimosas were flowing.) Last but never least are the sweet treats offered at the end! A full dessert buffet is on display with freshly baked cakes and donuts, gelato ice-cream and the most heavenly chocolate ganache truffles. I literally think I ate my entire body weight in food that day, but it is totally worth it! To top it all off, the view of the ocean is breathtaking and the Radisson Blu Waterfront. It not only has a view of the V&A waterfront but it also has a panoramic view of the ocean. It's so beautiful especially when the sun is shining and the Cape wind is not blowing us away! This last visit I had there, we were so blessed to see whales and dolphins right near the shoreline while having our brunch! It really couldn't have been a better day! 

For more photos and videos of the Radisson Blu Breakers Brunch, head over to my Instagram @fashionfundi and for more info on the brunch, click here!

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As the year begins, so does Valentine's Day shopping! Gift shopping isn't always easy. I tend to spend most of my time thinking about the things the person likes or what they enjoy and then end up google gift ideas around that theme. (Yes I am rather unimaginative at times). Luckily, when it comes to jewelry shopping, I know just the brand to go to! Whether you're shopping for your significant other, your best friend or just to spoil yourself, Pandora has something for everyone! Pandora has just launched their new My True Colours Collection with some breathtaking birthstone beaded rings and beaded charms. As each stone colour holds a unique and different meaning and symbolism, the coloured stone rings are not only for your birth month. The green and yellow stones can also symbolize a relaxing and natural environment whereas the blue and purple stones can bring a sense of calmness to your space. Although, that is not where it ends, these coloured stones can totally be to match your sassy outfit of the day. Whether you're wearing a laid back pair of jeans and white shirt or you're dressing out for date night, the rings are for every occasion. The Purely Pandora Collection has the most beautifully designed Beaded Pave Banded ring. The ring is actually a trio of rings with two rows of sterling silver beads bound with the center covered band in cubic zirconia. The brand has also added some new items to their dreamy Valentine's Day Collection and it's just to die for! Literally I am obsessed! One of my favourite aspects of the new collection is the freehand crafted hearts. It just goes to show the thought that goes behind designing the charms and rings at Pandora. The symbolism of how love is perfectly imperfect, is what makes love so true and genuine. Speaking of freehand, the Pandora Heart Rose Rings are just so dainty and cute. If you like me and love to wear small band rings, then this will be the perfect addition to your ring collection. Whatever your preference is, each Collection has such a variety that I am sure you will find something special for either yourself or for your significant other. Before the mad rush of last minute Valentine's Day gift shopping, head to your nearest Pandora Store or online! You can thank me later ;)




Happy 2020 everyone! I hope you all have a fantatsic year ahead! Wow it has been ages since I last wrote a blog post on my blog. The gram has been kept up to date but unfortunately life got busy and I neglected my main passion of writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all. But it's a new year and most certainly a new me, so let me share my latest travel journey with you.

Bangkok, Thailand! What a magical place to visit. It was my first time traveling to Thailand back in 2018. We traveled to Koi Samui and Phuket. The Thai culture is by far one of my favourite cultures that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Not only is the food to "Thai" for (I know, I'm corny) but the people are incredibly friendly! Most probably the most friendly nations that I have come across. In Koi Samui, I had the pleasure of staying at the phenomenal Intercontinental Koi Samui for a week, which you can read all about here. After our beautiful week on the small island of Koi Samui, we traveled to Phuket for another week in Thailand. Asia is something very different to what we are used to in the so called "western" world. A place rich in culture and diversity. For me, traveling is about experiencing the wonders that make each country so unique and taking those experiences and memories home with me to create a more opened minded approach to life's lemons. This time round,  I decided to take a trip to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I thought New York was the city that never sleeps but my word, is Bangkok one busy city! Bangkok, has so many unique aspects, that I would need to write another blog post about it just to describe the city to you. 

In Bangkok, I stayed, in the heart of the city, at the beautiful Banyan Tree Hotel. The Banyan Tree Hotel is part of a chain hotel group that has many hotels all across the world. I might be biased but to me the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok is one of the most exquisite. The hotel is one of the tallest hotels in the city and is the only 5 star luxury all-suite hotel in Bangkok. The hotel is beautifully designed both inside and outside, with the interior being set out in a traditional Thai manner. In addition to the beautiful interior, the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok, has a magnificent spa with 16 treatments rooms and an outdoor rooftop swimming pool amongst the high rise buildings. It is pretty darn amazing if you ask me! If you think the hotel can't get any better, it sure does! The hotel has 6 different restaurants on various floors of the hotel. My three favourite have to be the Romsai on the lower ground floor, the Saffron on the 52nd floor and the breathtaking Vertigo Too on the 60th Floor. Each restaurant has a unique offering for every person's preference to experience and I was lucky enough to dine at them all.  The rooms are so large with a small kitchenette, lounge over looking the many skyscrapers and a bedroom big enough for an entire family (I am over exaggerating but it was a very large bedroom).The highlight of the hotel has to be the most insane rooftop bar on the 61st floor which hosts a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond! The Moon Bar is a rooftop bar like no other and is most probably the perfect place in Bangkok to view the sunset while sipping on a delicious cocktail. Staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel is worth every penny! I was literally living the high life and I am not going to complain about that ;) If you ever in Bangkok, I highly recommend you staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok. 

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