If you are a brunch snob like me, then there is no doubt that finding a decent place to enjoy a long boozy brunch is rare! For me at least, it is always a challenge to find a great boozy brunch spot in South Africa! I want decent champagne with my oysters ok! ;) But on a serious note, it really is not as trendy as other parts of the world. I know when I've traveled abroad to Europe and America, it never seems to be difficult to find a nice Saturday or Sunday brunch location. Recently, when I was in New York City, there were so many restaurants offering long boozy brunches on the weekend. Don't get me wrong, in South Africa, there are plenty of cute cafes that offer breakfast and lunch but unfortunately nothing in between and most certainly nothing worth writing home about that involves a scrumptious Mimosa or two. The three things I look for when searching for the perfect weekend brunch spot is 1.) good food, 2.) decent champagne and 3.) a great vibe! You think this list is easy to find but trust me it really isn't. Needless to say, this blog post is not a ranting session. There is actually light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fear no more, whether you are from South Africa or visiting the country for a while, I have the perfect brunch location for you little boozy brunches. (insert drum roll please) I travel to Cape Town quite often (which I am so grateful for) and every time I am in the city, there is one destination in particular that I will make sure I stop and have brunch at! The Radisson Blu Waterfront hosts one of the finest Saturday Boozy Brunches that I have experienced in South Africa. Known as the Breakers Brunch, it really is a spot you have to hit when you are in town. With a never ending starter buffet involving freshly made sushi, seared salmon, and fresh out of the ocean oysters, it is enough to make you go wild! It doesn't stop there, for your main course you can choose between a seafood platter, a meat platter, a "surf & turf" platter or a delicious vegan platter. I love seafood so I always opt for the seafood platter and it never disappoints. The extensive drinks menu is never ending and if you opt to go for the boozy brunch, I can guarantee you will be getting value for your money! (Trust me, the mimosas were flowing.) Last but never least are the sweet treats offered at the end! A full dessert buffet is on display with freshly baked cakes and donuts, gelato ice-cream and the most heavenly chocolate ganache truffles. I literally think I ate my entire body weight in food that day, but it is totally worth it! To top it all off, the view of the ocean is breathtaking and the Radisson Blu Waterfront. It not only has a view of the V&A waterfront but it also has a panoramic view of the ocean. It's so beautiful especially when the sun is shining and the Cape wind is not blowing us away! This last visit I had there, we were so blessed to see whales and dolphins right near the shoreline while having our brunch! It really couldn't have been a better day! 

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As the year begins, so does Valentine's Day shopping! Gift shopping isn't always easy. I tend to spend most of my time thinking about the things the person likes or what they enjoy and then end up google gift ideas around that theme. (Yes I am rather unimaginative at times). Luckily, when it comes to jewelry shopping, I know just the brand to go to! Whether you're shopping for your significant other, your best friend or just to spoil yourself, Pandora has something for everyone! Pandora has just launched their new My True Colours Collection with some breathtaking birthstone beaded rings and beaded charms. As each stone colour holds a unique and different meaning and symbolism, the coloured stone rings are not only for your birth month. The green and yellow stones can also symbolize a relaxing and natural environment whereas the blue and purple stones can bring a sense of calmness to your space. Although, that is not where it ends, these coloured stones can totally be to match your sassy outfit of the day. Whether you're wearing a laid back pair of jeans and white shirt or you're dressing out for date night, the rings are for every occasion. The Purely Pandora Collection has the most beautifully designed Beaded Pave Banded ring. The ring is actually a trio of rings with two rows of sterling silver beads bound with the center covered band in cubic zirconia. The brand has also added some new items to their dreamy Valentine's Day Collection and it's just to die for! Literally I am obsessed! One of my favourite aspects of the new collection is the freehand crafted hearts. It just goes to show the thought that goes behind designing the charms and rings at Pandora. The symbolism of how love is perfectly imperfect, is what makes love so true and genuine. Speaking of freehand, the Pandora Heart Rose Rings are just so dainty and cute. If you like me and love to wear small band rings, then this will be the perfect addition to your ring collection. Whatever your preference is, each Collection has such a variety that I am sure you will find something special for either yourself or for your significant other. Before the mad rush of last minute Valentine's Day gift shopping, head to your nearest Pandora Store or online! You can thank me later ;)




Happy 2020 everyone! I hope you all have a fantatsic year ahead! Wow it has been ages since I last wrote a blog post on my blog. The gram has been kept up to date but unfortunately life got busy and I neglected my main passion of writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all. But it's a new year and most certainly a new me, so let me share my latest travel journey with you.

Bangkok, Thailand! What a magical place to visit. It was my first time traveling to Thailand back in 2018. We traveled to Koi Samui and Phuket. The Thai culture is by far one of my favourite cultures that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Not only is the food to "Thai" for (I know, I'm corny) but the people are incredibly friendly! Most probably the most friendly nations that I have come across. In Koi Samui, I had the pleasure of staying at the phenomenal Intercontinental Koi Samui for a week, which you can read all about here. After our beautiful week on the small island of Koi Samui, we traveled to Phuket for another week in Thailand. Asia is something very different to what we are used to in the so called "western" world. A place rich in culture and diversity. For me, traveling is about experiencing the wonders that make each country so unique and taking those experiences and memories home with me to create a more opened minded approach to life's lemons. This time round,  I decided to take a trip to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I thought New York was the city that never sleeps but my word, is Bangkok one busy city! Bangkok, has so many unique aspects, that I would need to write another blog post about it just to describe the city to you. 

In Bangkok, I stayed, in the heart of the city, at the beautiful Banyan Tree Hotel. The Banyan Tree Hotel is part of a chain hotel group that has many hotels all across the world. I might be biased but to me the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok is one of the most exquisite. The hotel is one of the tallest hotels in the city and is the only 5 star luxury all-suite hotel in Bangkok. The hotel is beautifully designed both inside and outside, with the interior being set out in a traditional Thai manner. In addition to the beautiful interior, the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok, has a magnificent spa with 16 treatments rooms and an outdoor rooftop swimming pool amongst the high rise buildings. It is pretty darn amazing if you ask me! If you think the hotel can't get any better, it sure does! The hotel has 6 different restaurants on various floors of the hotel. My three favourite have to be the Romsai on the lower ground floor, the Saffron on the 52nd floor and the breathtaking Vertigo Too on the 60th Floor. Each restaurant has a unique offering for every person's preference to experience and I was lucky enough to dine at them all.  The rooms are so large with a small kitchenette, lounge over looking the many skyscrapers and a bedroom big enough for an entire family (I am over exaggerating but it was a very large bedroom).The highlight of the hotel has to be the most insane rooftop bar on the 61st floor which hosts a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond! The Moon Bar is a rooftop bar like no other and is most probably the perfect place in Bangkok to view the sunset while sipping on a delicious cocktail. Staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel is worth every penny! I was literally living the high life and I am not going to complain about that ;) If you ever in Bangkok, I highly recommend you staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok. 

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