The Königsallee, otherwise known as the "Kö" is by far one of my favourite streets to shop at in Düsseldorf! If you really in need of an outfit for the day or night you will be sure to find it at the Kö!
From Jimmy Choo, Prada to Louis Vuitton, all high end stores are located on this majestic street. I literally feel like I am in heaven when I arrive to shop in Downtown Düsseldorf, not only are there fabulous stores but the people dress absolutely amazingly with the most elegance and style.

Just one street down the way from the Königsallee is the Schadowstraße, full of great stores such as Zara, H&M, Primark and C&A. Here one can find more affordable clothes yet still look as fab as the rest on the Kö.

Düsseldorf is a fashion city and to all my fashionistas I highly recommend you visit this city for a shopping spree or two or three... ;)

I love this City!

Keep posted for more on my Düsseldorf Diaries series!


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