Home is where the wine is waiting! After spending much more time at home this year, I have had the  perfect opportunity to stock my home cellar and have recently found two gems from Darling Cellars that I cannot wait to share with you…Enjoy my darlings!

Historically known as a dairy area, the charming town of Darling lies on the West Coast and is renowned for its spectacular wild flowers and wines.

In my quest to stock my wine cellar I bought two cases of the Darling Cellars the Old Bush Vines Cinsaut and two cases of the Gustus Pinotage (both from 2018). What made my purchase even better is that in celebration of Pinotage Day on 10 October, I received a 5% discount on both wines (valid until the end of the month). The Cinsaut and Pinotage were recently featured in the “Best of South Africa” by Tim Atkin.

If you have never been to Darling, do yourself a favour and visit this quaint town on the West Coast. It is only an hour’s drive from Cape Town and on the way you can stop in Yzerfontein which is a small harbour town that has one of the longest beaches in the country. On a clear day, you have views all the way to Table Mountain. The wild flowers in Darling in August and September are also a must see!

The vineyards at Darling Cellars are close to the Atlantic Ocean, some being just 5km from the coast. The cool West Coast climate allows for unique grapes which produce even more unique wines. About 95 percent of all the vineyards are bush vines (not trellised) and almost the entire estate is unirrigated, making the wines as close to nature as you can get.


I have to admit that the amazing label was the reason for me selecting this wine. The black bottle with the dramatic label is really something special and it looks so stylish – especially in my cellar. The image on the bottle looks exactly like the old bush vines that you can see on the estate. The vines are head-pruned to form a kind of goblet shape that you can see on the bottle. This Cinsaut is from the Darling Cellars premium range and you will not be disappointed by the exceptional quality. 

Darling Cellars Old Bush Vines come from specific old bush vines which are selected for their individuality in prominent terroir flavours. Passion and respect for these old vines, have led to this beautiful and special wine. The Cinsaut grape originates from France and is ideally suited to warm, dry soils making it perfect for South Africa. 

From the moment you open the wine, you will experience a well-balanced, bright ruby red colour and sour cherries and candy floss on the nose. The oak tannins from the barrel maturation in 100% French Oak is well supported with the grape tannins. The Cinsaut grape, without doubt, produces elegant wines, full stop!


Given that International Pinotage Day was last week (10 October), I had to tuck into this delicious wine from Darling Cellars. Translated from Latin ‘gustus’ means ‘taste’ and this is what this wine is all about. The Gustus Pinotage comes from specific vineyards which are selected for their exclusivity in prominent terroir flavours. The pairing of two varietals - Pinot Noir with Cinsaut – led to the birth of Pinotage in 1925 by Professor Perold of the University of Stellenbosch.

I enjoyed the Darling Cellars medium-bodied Pinotage with a mature cheddar cheese, but given its adaptability you could even try it with any game fish, such as Yellowtail or wild Cape Salmon. The Gustus has bold dark fruit flavours (you can definitely taste dark forest floor berries) and has a beautiful deep magenta hue with a deep violet core.

Swirl, sniff and sip and enjoy! These two bush wines from Darling Cellars are irresistible. It is a pleasure – you can thank me later!



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