In celebration of my birthday, being a week from today ,on the 6th of November, I have put together the perfect gift guide for us ladies.

From my favourite perfumes to the latests handbags, I have set out my wishlist for this year's birthday bash!
Putting together a gift guide is not as easy as it looks. Although there are plenty of things I could have added to this list, I really wanted to shoacse a list of gifts that reflect my personality and aesthetic. When buying gifts for someone, I always think of buying soemthing that I would really like to have because I know that it will be far more valued than just getting something for the sake of filling a gift bag before ariving at the party. 
In saying so, keeping up with the latest trends is also something I keep in mind as a fashion blogger. The 4 major trends that showcased this past fashion month was animal print (mostly snake skin pirnt), florals, tie-dye and word power!
With my slight obsession of handbags, my gift guide mostly lists my favourite handbags, but hey, a girl can never have too many handbags right?!

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