If you have been reading my blog posts lately, you would have noticed that the majority of this month and last month's posts have been mostly food related. There is no denying that I love good food and good wine while traveling and therefore I have had to share these wonderful dining experiences with you all!
Recently, I traveled to Malta and stayed in a beautiful suite at the Intercontinental located at St Julian's Bay. Click here to read all about my stay there.
Today's post is all about the two fine dining restaurants located at the Intercontinental. Although, the hotel has six restaurants on site, these two restaurants are their fine dining restaurants.
When in St Julian's and wanting to indulge a little more than usual, I would highly recommend having lunch or dinner at Paranga. Paranga is located on the water's edge at Intercontinental's private beach. YES, the Intercontinental Malta has it's own private beach which is exclusive for their guests only! Every night Paranga extends the restaurant onto the beach where you can either enjoy sun downers on the beach or have dinner with your feet in the sand. This totally is my ideal romantic setting!
We were accompanied by the charming Stephen Coppini, managing director of Leisure at the Intercontinental, we had the pleasure of having a lunch at Paranga where the chef spoilt our taste buds with the best seafood lunch I have had in a long time. 
For starters we enjoyed a delicious seafood platter consisting of prawns, squid heads, calamari and octopus, just the way it was prepared was delicious and mouthwatering.
For main we indulged in a 3-way fish meal consisting of crispy prepared rockfish, grilled line fish with a unique dressing as well as a sea bass complimenting the fresh flavours.
The wine pairing was outstanding! We enjoyed a crisp Grand Vin De Hauteville, superior Maltese Wine from the Delicata winery. 
Last, but never least, is dessert. Gosh, I have the biggest sweettooth and thankfully Paranga satisfied this with an amazing dessert platter consisting of 3 traditional Italian  desserts. On the platter we had tiramisu soaked in amaretto and coffee as well as an almond and orange blossom water peanut tart with caramel and stracciatella ice cream .... sensational!
The next day we had an enjoyable lunch at the Waterbiscuit.
The Water biscuit has an all day breakfast menu, a lunch menu and an exclusive dinner menu where dinner is served in the upstairs section of the restaurant, which has been tastefully decorated. I enjoyed a lovely salmon Cesar salad, with a divine dressing, sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.
We also enjoyed a lovely risotto with crispy pork, oyster mushrooms, broad beans and pecorino emulsion. With an all day dining menu one can order breakfast any time of the day and so a typical Eggs Benedict, with poached eggs served on top of the unique maltese muffin, was to also be ordered for us to indulge in.
The Waterbiscuit is the perfect alternative restaurant to the average mundane.
All in all the meals were lovely and a perfect spot for lunch. Whether you are staying at the Intercontinental or not, I recommend that you have lunch or dinner at either Paranga or the Waterbiscuit or even both!

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Kiehls change your skin
Back again with a Kiehl’s review update on the Change Your Skin campaign that I have been a part of. 
If you have not read my first blog post about the Kiehl’s Change your Skin Campaign, I suggest you first go and read it before you carry on reading this post. 
I have never had a problem with my skin before, but recently I have been having a few breakouts here and there, however since I started using these Kiehl’s products my skin immediately started clearing up. Not only were my blemishes disappearing but my skin was brighter and definitely felt more rejuvenated.
I love a foam based cleaners, for some reason it makes my skin feel even more clean (I don’t know why, it must be a mind set). The Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing foam wash is gel based, however when mixed with water is turns into this amazing smelling creamy foam, which is so soft on your skin. This cleanser is for normal to oily skin types that removes any blocked pores leaving your skin soft and smooth. The reason I really enjoy using this cleanser is because when I am finished washing my face, it does not leave my skin feeling dry and rough like that of other cleansers I have used before. Let me know if you have felt this way before with face wash that has left your skin feeling so dry after washing your face. 
As I mentioned in my previous post (link here), the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is by far one of the best moisturizers I have ever used. If you follow me on Instagram (link here), you would have seen that I am always promoting how important it is to look after your skin. By this I mean, not only washing your face and removing all your make up properly, but also applying sunscreen and moisturizer on your face and body. Now with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, you don’t need to first apply sunscreen and then a moisturizer. The Kiehl’s Facial Cream contains both a moisturizer and a sunscreen with an SPF 30 in it. I really could not be happier with this product! 
Let’s talk about eye cream! Somedays, I genuinely do not feel like wearing makeup but, I hate bags and dark circles under my eyes. Thankfully, since I have been using Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, my dark circles and baggy eyes have disappeared. I apply this treatment at night and sleep with it on over night. By the morning my eyes have lifted, making them feel fresh and bright. The concentrated avocado oil used in the eye cream, deeply penetrates into the skin without migrating into the eye or irritating this delicate area. I think it has magic powers, as I swear I am starting to look younger again! (YAY)
Speaking of magic, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is magic is a blue bottle. This concentrate oil is applied at night replenishing your skin that my morning it has visibly restored the appearance of your skin. I swear by this oil! I apply about 2-3 drops into my hands and then rub it gently into my skin.  
Lastly, although not a part of the Change Your Skin Campaign, I do highly recommend Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol- Free Toner. This toner has a fast-acting serum in it which quickly diminishes any dark spots and evens your skin tone and complexion.  Once again, magic in a bottle. With Calendula herbal extracts, it gently cleanses the skin and soothes any irritated skin. 
Kiehls skin care
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What a warm welcome from the wonderful staff at Intercontinental Malta. I haven't stayed at a hotel like this in a long time where I can most certainly say that the staff members are outstanding! Not only are they so well trained and knowledgeable but they are also very polite, friendly and welcoming.
Our week long stay at the Intercontinental was a wonderful experience. If you are looking for accommodation in Malta and wanting that extra touch when it comes to service, accommodation and experience, then I, without a doubt, would recommend staying at the Intercontinental Malta.
The suites on the 17th and 18th floor as well as the Sky Beach on the 19th floor have just recently opened and the exclusivity that this part of the hotel offers is phenomenal. We had the pleasure of staying in the Panaromic Suite on the 17th floor. As we arrived at the suite, the team at Intercontinental, kindly sent up a beautiful bottle of Moët and Chandon as well as a personalized card with local Maltese salts.
Daily breakfast is served in the club lounge for all guests staying in the suites. Offering a delicious array of continental dishes as well as an a la carte menu, where they serve a scrumptious Eggs Benedict .
Between 14:00 and 16:00 everyday, we were treated to high tea at the club lounge, where the head chef would present delicious cakes and sandwiches. Thereafter at 17:30, we'd enjoy sundowners and canapés outside on the terrace. From bottomless champagne to ice cold aperol spritz, it was the perfect way to end each day! 
The extra amenities that the Intercontinental suites offer, is well worth the stay. Besides the fantastic all day wining and dining, suite guests are welcomed to their own private infinity pool area on the 19th floor at the Sky Beach that has a 360 degree view and over looks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea! 
From fine dining to casual eating, there are 6 restaurants located at the Intercontinental Malta, which gives guests a variety to choose from. (scroll down to carry on reading..)
Once again the stay was phenomenal! For
More pictures on my stay at intercontinental Malta, head on over to my Instagram page.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on Paranga and Water biscuit, the two fine dining restaurants located at the Intercontinental. 


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Located inside LOFT, this quaint little Cafe really reminds of the Tasha's Cafes that we have in South Africa and Dubai. Before I begin, if you want to know more about LOFT, head on over to my previous post, so you can get a better understanding of what it is all about. 

If you are looking for a place that offers light meals in and around the Naxxar area, then I would really recommend grabbing a bite to eat at One80 Cafe. The Cafe offers a small but adequate menu, with breakfast dishes, lunch dishes and an amazing selection of the most decadent cakes.

For lunch we started off with a delicious Greek quinoa salad and then moved onto a creamy leek and chicken pie garnished with a side salad as well as a scrumptious roasted butternut pasta. 

What I love most about One80 Cafe is that they offer a selection of delicious cakes which are vegan friendly and gluten free. For dessert, we indulged in a delicious vegan and gluten free blueberry cheesecake and a double chocolate mousse cake that was out of this world. 

Once you have finished eating, I highly recommend taking a stroll through LOFT, the interior design store where the Cafe is located inside!

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