Hope you all had a stylishly spooky Halloween weekend!

As for me, it was jam packed with crazy halloween parties!
From celebrating "Day of the Dead" (Dia de Muertos) to turning into a vampire, it sure was an eventful Halloween weekend!

Halloween for me is dressing up with style!
All you need to do is make sure your makeup is well done, then the outfit is easy. A simple LBD (little black dress) can really give your halloween look a classy edge.

Sugar Skull Look:

Best suggestion to pull off this look is to use good quality face paint. I was lucky enough to find some face paint at a pharmacy (Drug Store) round the corner from me which worked like a charm.

For this look some people prefer to paint their entire face but as for me I thought half my face would look pretty cool too!
I painted a black circle around my eye and coloured that in with the black face paint. Then drew little round circles (like a flower) around my eye and filled it in with white dots. Around the rim of the circle I added red dots and as for the rest of my face, I kind of just made random shapes to fill in my face. I used "Fire- Engine Red" Lipstick from Bobbi Brown and applied red glitter on top of my lips to give it some sparkle. After that I used a black eyeliner pencil and drew lines over my lips to give it a stitched up lip effect.

My bestie Roxi K from Roxi K Designs took another approach to the Sugar Skull Girl by adding shades of purple and pink as you can see above in the photo attached!

There are so many varieties you can do to pull off this look!

Vampire Look:

With this look, I used a combination of "Red Brick" Eyeshadow and "Black Tied" Eyeshadow from M.A.C Cosmetics and blended the two shades together to give it a "natural vampire" look (if that is such a thing :p) Then on top of my eye lid, underneath my eyebrows, I used more of the "Red Brick" Eyeshadow to define my eyes. I darkened my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil from Catrice Cosmetics
As for the super scary veins under my eyes, I used both a black eyeliner pencil and red lipliner pencil from Essence Cosmetics. Simply draw the lines lightly like tree branches and then used a blending brush to make them blend into your skin more naturally.
I used the same red lipstick that I used for my Sugar Skull look from Bobbi Brown and then blended the corners with black lipliner to give it more of a darker look.

Both these looks are simple to do yet so effective!
Go give these two looks a try for next year's Halloween!


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