When you are on your fourth glass of wine and you realize, it is 16:00! What can I say, this is the effect of lock-down on a wine lover! Given that fact that my wine is running very low at the moment due to lockdown, I thought I would share with you one of my most recent wine estate finds! I visited Clos Malverne back in March (when we all still had the opportunity to travel and when life was "normal"). I was travelling around the Western Cape on behalf of one of my clients’ wedding venues.  As part of a short-listing of wine estates, I made may way through Clos Malverne for the very first time and I thought I had to share with you what this farm has to offer!
Clos Malverne is a hidden gem, situated just outside of Stellenbosch in the Devon Valley (about 10 minutes from the main town of Stellenbosch). Off the beaten track of larger more commercial farms, this family owned farm offers beautiful views from the restaurant, of the surrounding vineyards and mountain tops. “Clos” comes from the French word “enclosure” which is a walled vineyard. The owner named the farm after this, given the manner in which the terroir encloses the farm providing a unique mesoclimate for the grapes.  
As you approach the restaurant you are greeted by beautiful gardens and large bushes of “white sparkle”, which will provide a wistful background for wedding photos. The white, flushed pink flowers resemble a multitude of butterflies on the plants. The seclusion of the farm from the main road, gives one a feeling of intimacy and adds such a romantic feel, which any nuptials will adore! This romantic wedding venue with its breathtaking views does all the hard work for you with very little required in terms of d├ęcor.
You have stunning views of the mountains from the open plan restaurant which accommodates anything between 80 – 120 guests. The space is suited for long dining tables, that will create a close familiar feel for the wedding guests. In the event of rain or poor weather the restaurant is completely enclosed with glass sides so that you can still enjoy a comfortable experience inside, but have the feeling of being outside in the vineyards! The day that I visited the Clos Malverne, it was a sunny day with a few wispy clouds and the view from the terrace was lovely.
 Around the corner from the restaurant, the estate has rolling lawns with a large swimming pool that you can lounge at on the deck. The area adjacent would be well suited for a pre-wedding get together the night before. Another great value add that Clos Malverne has to offer is that there is a beautiful spa on the property for pre or post wedding pampering. The spa also has a large wet-room, spa bath and steam room where you can enjoy massages and body treatments with the bridal party.
The estate offers accommodation on site which sleeps 18 people and consists of 9 luxurious rooms, but you could easily accommodate wedding guests in the main town of Stellenbosch given the proximity.
If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Stellenbosch winelands, you will not go wrong with Clos Malverne. If you are not looking to get married, but just want an authentic wine experience, stop in at Clos Malverne for a gourmet dining experience. You will not be disappointed!
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