#LifeAtTheTop with Bedford

In the pursuit of giving one of their elite shoppers the opportunity to live the high life, Bedford has gone on a crazy venture to give a luxury Penthouse, valued at R13 million, to one lucky shopper. Living “Life at the Top” is the culmination of dreams, luxurious shopping experiences and exquisite dining. That’s not where it ends, Bedford will aid you in discovering an all-round #LifeAtTheTop.

Bedford is about to change someone’s life and make shopping centre history. Spend R750 or more at any of the Bedford stores over the next 7 months and automatically be entered into the 7 remaining draws within this period to stand a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a R13 million Penthouse!

This life-changing campaign is broken up into four quarters showcasing Bedford’s unique attractions, namely;  Fashion, Decor, Health, Beauty & Lifestyle and Entertainment. Beford kicked off this year-long campaign with Bedford’s fashion category, which I was lucky to be apart of.
While designers and architects frequently take tips and inspiration from the surrounding terrain and local trends, the reality is that stunning spaces are about the finer details and the bespoke decorating of the space. 
To celebrate the next segment with #LifeAtTheTop, Bedford are  focusing on decorating the R13 million penthouse into a luxury living space at Bedford Centre. Once you have entered, post it on Instagram and tag Bedford Centre and myself with the hashtag #LifeAtTheTop.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping! Remember the more you shop at Bedford, the luckier your chances are at winning this R13 million Penthouse. 
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Want to know about the most retro spot in Cape Town?

The Ritz in Sea Point has recently revamped this 1970s building and turned into a luxurious hot spot in Cape Town.
If you looking for a trendy restaurant to eat lunch or dinner at, then I highly recommend eating at CASA Restaurant & Cabanas located on the first floor at the Ritz. With the Miami inspired interior, there is no doubt that CASA is the most Instagram worthy location in Cape Town. 
Their menu is simple but to the point, offering a variety of casual meals which are reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant.
What I love most about CASA is that it is the perfect restaurant for a Saturday night dinner. You can enjoy sun downers outside at the Bar before heading inside to enjoy a delicious meal.
Being in Cape Town for such a shot space of time, the team and I decided to make it a thing of enjoying fresh fish over the weekend. So when we ate dinner at CASA it was obvious that we'd order the seafood platter. Being one of the first customers to try out the seafood platter, the head chef came out to introduce himself as well as give us a detailed overview of what the seafood platter consists of. I must say the staff at the restaurant are really well informed, friendly and extremely hospitable.
CASA also has an extensive wine and cocktail menu which compliments the venue of the restaurant and bar really well.
Not only was the presentation of the food wonderful, the seafood platter paired with the wine was outstanding. 
If you looking for a trendy new spot in Cape Town or just a place to hang out, sip on a cocktails and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner then pop past CASA Restaurant & Cabanas because you won't be disappointed. 
Click here for more information on CASA Restaurant & Cabanas.



With summer already in full swing, many of us are starting to run out of ideas to still keep us looking trendy and gorgeous. I know that I sometimes tend to run out of ideas and get stressed out but my best advice to be summer ready, specially when you have a busy schedule, like I do is to always love yourself and be happy with who you are! 
I recently attended the Bryanston Shopping Centre Summer Ready event and my key takeaways from the event are slowly starting to play out in my daily fashion. With talks by industry experts, we were given advice on how to be in tip-top shape, by sporting the latest fashion and skincare trends. The focus of the event was centred entirely around the pleasures and necessities of summer.

Get Your Wardrobe Summer Ready!
I had the privilege of receiving personalised styling tips and intriguing fashion tips from image consultant and stylist, Sky Mendes. She really guided me on how I can adapt my wardrobe from day wear to night wear, with effortless shopping at the centre’s boutique fashion tenants. 
If you’re looking to stand out at upcoming events this summer, head over to "DENIM", "Ala Juliette", "Freddy" and "Snog." You are sure to find signature pieces from these boutique fashion outlets that source their stock from Europe, making them unique pieces.

Get your Summer Ready Glow!
Sorbet and Dermalogica are here to help you get that sun-kissed, Summer Ready glow. They have customised services to treat a variety of skin types, including face mapping analysis that has been budget structured to ensure that you are not breaking the piggy bank. Sorbet and Dermalogica are your go-to skincare destinations to ensure your skin is where it needs to be this summer.

If you're a cocktail lover, like me, you definitely have to try out the amazing cocktails at the Landmark at Cafe del Sol. With its opulent interiors in a warm, classy atmosphere as well as access to gourmet snacks and decadent cocktails on tap, the Landmark is the ideal spot for a great night out. With a wide selection of wines, whiskies and other premium spirits, the Landmark gives you more than a good reason to dress up and enjoy a night out in Joburg.
I recently visited the centre and came across the renowned “Cube Tasting Kitchen”. This was such a highlight to my day spent at the Centre! Cube offers an extraordinary culinary experience through memorable and innovative cuisine which will most probably make you become a regular, once you've tasted the uniquely crafted dishes at the restaurant. 

My final advice to enjoy the most of summer is to remember to take a break, wind-down and enjoy every moment of your summer days!


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The Western Cape has so much to offer, beyond the city of Cape Town.
Of course there are plenty of famous locations such as Stellenbosch and Franshoek where one can enjoy breathtaking sites and world class wine, however, there are more less explode locations which are well worth the visit.
On my recent trip to Cape Town, this past week, I was able to travel to the Spice Route Destination in Paarl. Paarl is a small town about 45 minutes outside of Cape Town offering unique boutique hotels, bakeries and of course famous wine estates. 
The Spice Route is one of it's kind offering an array of things to do, places to eat and plenty to see all in one location. The Spice Route Destination offers beer tasting, chocolate tasting, gin tasting as well as wine tasting. In addition to this there are three amazing restaurants on site, which offer easy meals to fine dining. 
The Spice Route Destination offers a "Spice Route Passport" where you are able to do tasting at all the locations on site, however, you are able to do individual tasting at the spots that you enjoy more. Of course the team and I opted for the passport. 
We started at the Wilderer for Gin tasting, which gave us a strong kick start to what was a head for the rest of the day. Our second stop was at De Villiers, where we tasted more than 10 different varieties of organic handcrafted chocolate which was absolutely delicious. I am a "chocolate snob" and De Villiers chocolate is one of the most amazing artisan chocolate I have ever tasted. After over indulging on chocolate, we moved on to CBC (Cape Brewing Company) where we tasted four traditional German craft beers. What I enjoyed most about the beer tasting is that CBC is manufactured at the Spice Route and while tasting we got to experience how this beer is crafted.
For our final stop we decided to combine the wine tasting and cured meat tasting together as it was recommended the two compliment each other well, which of course it did. We paired various Spice Route Wines with Richard Bosman cured meats and I must admit the two tastings went to well with each other. 
After a fun filled day of exploring the Spice Route Destination we had the pleasure of enjoying a three course meal at one of South Africa's most renowned Chef's restaurant, "Bertus Basson." I could honestly do an entire blog post on this restaurant as it was such a great experience. Bertus Basson's restaurant at the Spice Route offers a truly South African experience, offering traditional South African cuisine with a modern twist. Not only is this restaurant a wonderful dining experience for international guest wanting to taste traditional South African cuisine, but it is also a unique opportunity for South African's too, as it is rare to find this food at restaurants in the bigger cities. 
If you are looking to explore more of the country side outside of Cape Town, then I would highly recommend visiting the Spice Route Destination. For more information on the Spice Route and all that it offers, click here. 
fine dining
bertus basson at spice route
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