Want to know about the most retro spot in Cape Town?

The Ritz in Sea Point has recently revamped this 1970s building and turned into a luxurious hot spot in Cape Town.
If you looking for a trendy restaurant to eat lunch or dinner at, then I highly recommend eating at CASA Restaurant & Cabanas located on the first floor at the Ritz. With the Miami inspired interior, there is no doubt that CASA is the most Instagram worthy location in Cape Town. 
Their menu is simple but to the point, offering a variety of casual meals which are reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant.
What I love most about CASA is that it is the perfect restaurant for a Saturday night dinner. You can enjoy sun downers outside at the Bar before heading inside to enjoy a delicious meal.
Being in Cape Town for such a shot space of time, the team and I decided to make it a thing of enjoying fresh fish over the weekend. So when we ate dinner at CASA it was obvious that we'd order the seafood platter. Being one of the first customers to try out the seafood platter, the head chef came out to introduce himself as well as give us a detailed overview of what the seafood platter consists of. I must say the staff at the restaurant are really well informed, friendly and extremely hospitable.
CASA also has an extensive wine and cocktail menu which compliments the venue of the restaurant and bar really well.
Not only was the presentation of the food wonderful, the seafood platter paired with the wine was outstanding. 
If you looking for a trendy new spot in Cape Town or just a place to hang out, sip on a cocktails and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner then pop past CASA Restaurant & Cabanas because you won't be disappointed. 
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  1. Wonderful post and great photo as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great post! The food looks amazing! Seems like an enjoyable experience. A wonderful read, keep up the good posts!

    Regards, Hassan Sadiq Himex


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