Kicking off the year with my first blog post being about my Top 5 Mascaras for 2019! 
I've tried and tested many mascaras in my lifetime thus far and it is safe to say that I know my top 5 favourite mascaras and that is why I am sharing this news with you! Finding a good mascara is not easy that’s for sure. I have wasted a ton of money on mascara that has either been dry, useless or irritated my eyes.  
Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder and mascara is somewhat based on preference, just like wine is based on what excites your taste buds, I still think my list of top 5 mascaras will become your top 5 favourites as well.

In no order of preference, here are my top 5 mascaras for 2019:

Smashbox – Full Exposure Mascara
Lucky for me, Smashbox sent me a very nice Christmas present last year with a bunch of their limited-edition Holidaze Collection products. In the parcel was this mascara and yes, I was persuaded to love the products immediately with the brightly coloured tribal packaging of their Holidaze Collection. At first, I was not convinced about the mascara because the mascara brush is HUGE, literally the biggest mascara brush I have ever owned haha. However, to my surprise this was honestly the best thing that I’ve applied to my eyelashes. A big brush really makes the world of difference.

Bobbi Brown - Smokey Eye Mascara 
The story of how I came in contact with this mascara was actually rather funny. I attended a Bobbi Brown event for a launch party and was blessed with a goodie bag of sample size Bobbi Brown products. In the goodie bag was a tiny, and I mean tiny, tube of Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara.

I tested it out and was instantly hooked but before I bought it I used the tiny tube for every occasion and I never wanted it to end. I eventually put my big girl panties on and bought a decent size version of this mascara!

L├ôreal - Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
The king of makeup, Sir John, introduced me to this mascara last year. I then hurried to the shops to buy it! From the moment I tried it, I was hooked. It really is Voluminous and your lashes are most certainly in Lash Paradise.

Too Faced - Better than Sex Mascara
The name says it all! Yes, it has been the most raved mascara of the last few years! I know it may not be new and yes I may be late to the mascara party but OMG this Too Faced mascara is the!

Jennifer Lopez x Inglot - Viva Las Lashes Mascara
Last but not least and also voted by Cosmo as one of the best mascaras, is JLo’s collab with Inglot where they produced this beauty of a mascara. The bristles on the brush are the total opposite to the Smashbox's Full Exposure mascara, but my oh my, does it give you a full set of serperated lashes! Love it!


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