Looking for a sun care brand that is anti-aging, high protecting and environmentally friendly? Look no further than Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care range. 

For all of you who have been following me over the years, you will know I am the biggest advocate for protecting my skin from the dangers of the sun. Born and bred in sunny South Africa, I love being outdoors, enjoying the sun and, yes, baking in the sun to get the perfect tan. Over the last couple of years I have really noticed how the sun is extremely dangerous and how we really need to protect our skin from the dangers of the sun's UV rays. 

Eau Thermale Avéne has been my go to skin care and sun care brand over the last couple of years. The renowned French orange sun care brand has a wide range of sun care products which I use on a daily basis. In this blog post, I'll be sharing my 4 favourite Avène Sun Care products that I have been using and will be using this summer. Regardless of whether I am indoors or outdoors, I actually apply these products on my skin every morning. 

Two newly renovated products, which I use from Avène, are the Avène SPF 50+  lotion and the Avène SPF 50+ Spray. Both products have, what Avène calls, Sunsitive protection with new Thialidine and Pre-tocopheryl antioxidant complex. Each of these products also have a hydra-protective texture leaving your skin moisturised and smooth all day long and are rich in the famous soothing Avéne Thermal Spring Water. 

For my face I use two incredible sun care products from Avène. The Avène SPF 50+ Fluid, which is recommended for normal to combination sensitive skin. It also contains Sunsitive protective with new Thialidine & Pre-tocopheryl antioxidant complex. My favourite quality of the Avène SPF 50+ Fluid is the fact that it contains matifying properties and has that Nude Skin Feel, so when I apply it on my skin, it feels smooth but moisturising at the same time. Another product I use for my face from Avène Sun Care is the Avène SPF 50+ Anti-Aging Sunscreen. As you all know me by now, I am a huge fan of anti-aging products and what I love most about the Avène SPF 50+ Anti-Aging sunscreen is that it helps restore the firmness and elasticity in your skin even when you are in water.

What I enjoy most about the Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care range is that all their products are water-resistant and do not leave your skin with those awkward white marks that most sunscreens tend to do. Avène Sun Care range is a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection range and is one of very few brands that has an ocean friendly sunscreen.

In saying so, while it is important for us to look after our skin, it is also so important to ensure the products we use are not damaging to the beautiful environment we live in. Since 2013, Avène Sun Care has adopted an eco-friendly approach when creating their formulas and packaging to minimise the impact on the environment. Avène has developed silicone free formulas for optimal biodegradability.  Avène has most definitely lived up to their motto of " SKIN PROTECT, OCEAN RESPECT " with their eco-friendly sunscreen products. I could not be more proud to support a brand like this! If you are interested in learning more about what Avéne is doing to help protect marine life, watch this beautiful documentary where Avène collaborated with BBC - https://youtu.be/LxAyZa2K_BA

This summer, move along with me and use Eau Thermale Avène. Shop Here for all Avène skincare products!

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