As many of you know skincare is an important part of my daily routine. If you follow me on Instagram you will see how often I talk about skincare, the products I use and how to make sure that you "stay young forever." Making sure you look after your skin is vital, however, there will always be negative factors, such as the sun, pollution and stress that can contribute to effecting your skin. That is why, it is so important to make sure you use the right products for your skin type and the environment that you are surrounded by. 
I always thought pigmentation occurred in older people only, and that it was never going happen to me, at least not in my late 20s. But truth be told, our skin is not made of porcelain and unfortunately there is not a cure out there to prevent us from aging. That is why using the correct products for your skin is so important. Looking after your skin at a young age is really what every mother should tell their child. I know that it can be overwhelming to know what brand and what product to use for what skin condition, but luckily for you, I am here to save the day, well at least on the topic of pigmentation and dehydrated skin for now. 
When I started noticing that my skin was dehydrated and uneven, I knew I had to start focusing on preventing future pigmentation. Pigmentation is known to be a really difficult skin condition to target. The amazing thing about the the Focus Care Radiance+ Range is that you do not need to start using it when pigmentation is already present but you can also start using it when pigmentation has occurred, making it the perfect range for any aged skin. The 3 step Mela-Smart System, consists of 4 powerhouse formulations that work together to inhibit any formation of hyper pigmentation. Since I started using the Radiance+ Range, I immediately noticed and change in my skin. From having dark spots and uneven skin tone to more radiant even looking skin and that was in a matter of days. Who needs a snapchat filter now?!

The Focus Care Radiance+ Range consists of 4 products:
The Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion focuses on giving your skin a brighter and more even complexion . The lotion retails at R360.00 for a 60ml bottle. The Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serums (A & B) consists of concentrated blends of vitamins and botanicals to help combat skin discoloration and essentially improve the appearance of your skin without needing to apply any fake filter or makeup. It's a win win!  These two serums are my favourite to use from the range. The serums combined retail at R990.00 for two 30ml bottles. Finally the Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream which is an intense vitamin C infused cream. It leaves your skin looking healthy and luminous with a radiant soothing glow. The C-Boost cream retails at R450.00 for a 25ml tube. 
I normally follow this routine by applying Environ's Vitamin A - Ionzyme moisturizer. My daily skin routine consists of the fabulously rich hydrating antioxidant Ionzyme Range which works as a STEP-UP SYSTEM which is a great build up product before using the Radiance+ Range. 
It may seem like a lot to apply on your skin, but the routine doesn't take me longer than 5 minutes and I feel the lasting effect all day!!
Take care of your skin!
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Ever thought of going on a romantic gourmet getaway? Finding a beautiful hotel is one thing, but being able to combine that with outstanding food is most certainly a rare find. Cleopatra is a charming mountain farmhouse nestled in the beautiful Kamberg Mountains in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This past weekend, we had the absolute pleasure of staying in the most romantic setting surrounded by the countryside, eating phenomenal french inspired cuisine and spending much needed quality time out of the city.
Upon our arrival we were greeted personally by name by the most friendly staff, who welcomed us to our suite, which in fact was an entire cottage and the original farmhouse. In our cottage we had two lounges, a dining area as well as a spacious bedroom with a beautiful country styled en suite bathroom. The entire hotel is of course country inspired but the attention to detail that the hotel has put into every room is gorgeous. It is a cozy environment and a place that makes you not want to leave at all. 
A unique and beautiful trait about Cleopatra is the attention to detail and intimacy the hotel provides its guests. Not only is Richard Poynton the owner of Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse, he is the man behind the amazing food that is served at the hotel. The evening of our arrival we enjoyed a phenomenal 5 course dinner inspired by Richard's love for french cuisine, along with our choice of wine from a extremely well stocked wine cellar. Not only is the food and wine delicious, the experience of the dinner is educational as well. The staff know every wine and the history that goes with it. Each dish that is served is explained in detail, making the experience as a whole one to remember. 
The following morning Marc and I decided to go for an hour hike around the farm in an attempt to burn off the night before's dinner. 
Over indulging is an understatement, but most certainly worth the calories. After our hike we enjoyed a beautiful set up farm style breakfast buffet as well as a three course breakfast consisting of fruit, eggs Benedict and smoked haddock which was outstanding. There is plenty activities to do at the Cleopatra other than just indulging in divine food. The hotel has recently opened it's own spa called Copper Pot, which I think is a great additional treat for guests. One can go hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing and horse back riding in the area. A breakfast picnic hike is also offered to guests who want a bit of a change of scenery. 
If you want to see more on our stay, head over to my Instagram page and click on the Travel Highlights to see what we got up to. 
Click here for more information on Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse.


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