Crazy about nails? I just discovered a brand that you will fall in love with!
Originating from Germany, LCN has made a rather big impact in the South African beauty industry. Located in various nail salons across the country, LCN is definitely something to talk about!
I first started using the brand at the end of last year, testing it out to really see what all the hype was about. Since my first set of nails were done using LCN, I was hooked. I haven't gone a month without getting my nails done by LCN. The brand has a rather large makeup and nail range but let me start off by talking about their innovative nail care range. From their Macadamia Nail Serum to their Active Apricot Nail Growth Oil, each product does exactly as it says, strengthening your nails from the inside out no matter how often you apply nail polish to your nails. Nothing LCN does is half hearted, which is what I love most about the brand. One of my favourite nail care products from LCN is their Diamond Power, which is a nail hardener with a UV shield and real diamond dust that protects and restores thin and brittle nails. It has helped my natural nails grow so much stronger in such a short period of time!
The LCN makeup range is also something to talk about. All their products are vegan friendly and perfectly curated for every skin type. One of their best sellers, and my personal favourite, is their Face & Body Bronzer "Sun Goddess." The name literally says it all, as it contains four different bronze shades creating the perfect soft shimmering tan. The Long Wear Eyeshadow palettes are also worth every penny. There are 6 palettes from this range, each containing 3 unique shades per palette, which perfectly compliment one another. The Wild Berries Long Wear Eyeshadow palette is definitely my favourite for a sultry night out. 

LCN is most certainly a brand worth trying out, if you have not yet. You will definitely fall in love with each and every product the brand has, as I sure have!


Yes you read my headline correctly! Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world, accommodating 5518 passengers and approximately 2200 crew members. Being my first time on a cruise, I didn't know what exactly to expect. I had been told that you can eat at almost every restaurant on board, watch magical theatrical performances and enjoy fun activities, but little did I know what was to come when I boarded the Symphony of the Seas. 
The Pre-Inaugural of the cruise was an unforgettable experience. As we walked on board, we were welcomed by bright lights, broadway music and unbelievably friendly crew members. From checking in to arriving at our suites, everything was so well organised and planned. I was fortunate enough to stay in a ocean view balcony suite, which was surprisingly more spacious than I had anticipated. The suites are personalised for each guest, which is something you won't easily find in a general hotel room. Although the room was a luxurious space, that I could have easily escaped to, I really wanted to experience everything that was on board. 
If you are a foodie like me, you will go absolutely nuts on board the Symphony of the Seas. There are about 22 restaurants on board the ship, each offering a unique experience and atmosphere. I had the pleasure of attending a food tasting at each restaurant and I must tell you, the fish served at Hooked was my absolute favourite, although Jamie's Italian came a close second! The candy store, "Sugar Beach" serves the best gelato and endless amounts of candy, accommodating those who are gluten and lactose intolerant. Sugar Beach is bound to turn any adult into a kid again and is the ultimate sweets of heaven!
I know people may think Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but I'd like to reconsider this decision. The Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is my happy place! Being in the middle of the Mediterranean with endless amounts of things to do, it would be bizarre to find any person bored on this cruise. There is rock climbing, ice-skating, a surf simulator, water slides, a zip line and the ultimate 10 storey high plunge down the "Ultimate Abyss" slide. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, there is an activity for everyone. Never been an adrenalin junky before, but I had to experience the zip line. Situated on the 16th deck the zip line crosses over the middle of the ship from one end to the other, making it rather exhilarating when looking down. 
The night life on board is extraordinary! Our first night was a busy one as we started off celebrating with a "Sail Away" party on the top deck with live bands and free flowing cocktails! Dinner was held at the Main Dining area and the presentation of each dish was outstanding. Heading off to a live musical after dinner is such a treat! The cast on board are extremely talented and well rehearsed. There is such a sense of festivity, making it feel like you're living in a dream. From Karaoke bars to salsa dancing, we did it all! Although I'm not that into gambling "007 Casino Royal" has nothing on the Symphony of the Seas Casino. It's a fun and exciting place to be for a little Roulette, Poker and whiskey on the rocks. After this we headed off to the Silent Disco, where we danced the night away! Around 2am, the bars and clubs close for the night but the festivities continue at the 24 hour pizza restaurant, where everyone who enjoyed the parties treat themselves to a variety of pizza options. 
I suppose I can carry on typing for hours about the experience and everything else you can do on board, but I want you to experience it for yourselves. Regardless of if you have been on a cruise before or not, the Symphony of the Seas is the best vacation destination in the world!
If you wanting to book a cruise on Royal Caribbean, including the Symphony of the Seas, contact Cruises International South Africa {} They have the best package deals to the best destinations to accommodate your requirements. The team is so hands on, helpful and extremely friendly! 
If you haven't seen everything that I got up to on board the cruise, head on over to my Instagram "Travel" Highlights to see more!



Ever heard of a "Farm to Table" experience? Being a city girl, this was a new concept to me.

While I was down in the Cape, I had the pleasure of traveling to Boschendal Wine Estate in collaboration with Boschendal at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch. Boschendal has recently opened a quaint little restaurant in the heart of Stellenbosch, sourcing fresh produce from the Boschendal farm only. It is truly a unique experience to eat there. 
Upon our arrival we were treated to delicious savoury treats and freshly brewed coffee, before we all headed off to the Boschendal farm. When we got to the farm, we had a little tour of the coffee shop, butchery and merchandise shop. Thereafter, we started with the fun "Farm to Table" experience, where we harvested fresh produce from the various sections of the farm, gathering delicious fruits, vegetables and eggs. I couldn't believe how big the farm was and how much produce is harvested on the farm. Everything, from the eggs to the vegetables, is organically harvested on the farm and freshly prepared at the Oude Bank restaurant. After a fun filled day at Boschendal we headed back to Oude Bank in Stellenbosch, where the head chef of the restaurant prepared the most delicious 5 course meal for us, from all the produce that we had gathered at the farm. The food was outstanding and was well thought out as each dish complimented the Boschendal wines so well. The day started at 9am and ended at 3pm, although a long day, it was well spent!
If you looking for a unique experience in the wine lands, then I would highly recommend this "Farm to Table" experience at Boschendal Wine Estate.



On my recent trip to Cape Town, I had the pleasure of staying at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel.
Situated about 500 metres from the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, there is no doubt that this hotel is in a prime location. 

I must be honest, I am always spoilt by Radisson Blu Hotels when I stay at one of their hotels, but this time I was completely spoilt. If you followed my InstaStories, you would have seen that we were warmly welcomed by the Radisson Blu team. As we entered our suite on the top floor of the hotel, we were welcomed with a bottle of cold champagne and a delicious New York Styled cheesecake along with a sweet and personalised welcome note while overlooking one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.
If you looking for a resort-like hotel, then I'd highly recommend the Radisson Blu Waterfront. The suite has all the bells and whistles, including a kitchen, two bedrooms, a lounge and a huge balcony that overlooks both the V&A Waterfront and the breathtaking Atlantic ocean, making it feel extremely homely and comfortable. 
Located inside the hotel, is the Amani Spa, a tranquil place to escape for a few hours (or more). We had the pleasure of being treated with a 2 hour Jewel of Africa full body massage, which to me was such an exception spa experience. Each Amani Spa, located in most Radisson Blu hotels in Southern Africa, has it's own unique treatment menu, making it a special experience in each hotel. The treatment menu at this Amani Spa is endless, with so many options to choose from. The Spa has a relaxing room for all hotel guests to enjoy, with a heated pool, a variety of herbal teas and delicious cookies to indulge in.  The Amani Spa does offer a  sauna area to enjoy, in both the male and female bathrooms, but I do personally prefer a unisex sauna area at a hotel.
Let's talk about the food! The hotel has one restaurant on site, namely Tobago's, where daily breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. Breakfast is mainly a continental buffet breakfast, which is always a favourite of mine, but it also offer a unique ale carte menu, where you can enjoy your typical English breakfast or traditional South African cuisine. I enjoyed the ale carte menu, especially because I rarely eat these South African breakfast meals and they're actually such a treat!
Dinner at Tobago's is definitely worth making a reservation at, even if you not staying at the hotel. The menu is extensive but centred around South African cuisine once again. The presentation is top class and the flavour of the meals is outstanding. Although the restaurant needs a "face lift", which I believe is to happen over the winter months, I would most certainly regard this as a fine dining restaurant. 
It was such a pleasure staying at the Radisson Blu Waterfront and I would most certainly visit again!
For more on the hotel and stay, head on over to my Instagram and check out my "Travel" Highlights!


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