Crazy about nails? I just discovered a brand that you will fall in love with!
Originating from Germany, LCN has made a rather big impact in the South African beauty industry. Located in various nail salons across the country, LCN is definitely something to talk about!
I first started using the brand at the end of last year, testing it out to really see what all the hype was about. Since my first set of nails were done using LCN, I was hooked. I haven't gone a month without getting my nails done by LCN. The brand has a rather large makeup and nail range but let me start off by talking about their innovative nail care range. From their Macadamia Nail Serum to their Active Apricot Nail Growth Oil, each product does exactly as it says, strengthening your nails from the inside out no matter how often you apply nail polish to your nails. Nothing LCN does is half hearted, which is what I love most about the brand. One of my favourite nail care products from LCN is their Diamond Power, which is a nail hardener with a UV shield and real diamond dust that protects and restores thin and brittle nails. It has helped my natural nails grow so much stronger in such a short period of time!
The LCN makeup range is also something to talk about. All their products are vegan friendly and perfectly curated for every skin type. One of their best sellers, and my personal favourite, is their Face & Body Bronzer "Sun Goddess." The name literally says it all, as it contains four different bronze shades creating the perfect soft shimmering tan. The Long Wear Eyeshadow palettes are also worth every penny. There are 6 palettes from this range, each containing 3 unique shades per palette, which perfectly compliment one another. The Wild Berries Long Wear Eyeshadow palette is definitely my favourite for a sultry night out. 

LCN is most certainly a brand worth trying out, if you have not yet. You will definitely fall in love with each and every product the brand has, as I sure have!

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