Skincare is one the most important aspects of my life. Skincare is apart of my daily routine which I have instilled from an early age. Although I have tried and tested many skincare products over the years, I have always been conscious of the contents that skincare products contain. I have never really suffered from bad skin, but of course there will be times when my skin is not at it's best. Dull skin, uneven skin or even drained skin is what I try to avoid the most. I truly believe that it all starts with healthy skin.
Koishimaru Silk is the most precious type of silk in Japan amd is known to be exceptionally light and radiant, which is what the luxury skincare brand Sensai founds itself around. The natural elements of the Koishimaru Silk has proven to exhibit the production of hyaluronic acid. If you're not aware of what hyaluronic acid is, it is a substance contained in our skin that is essential for building flawless and youthful looking skin. The older we get the less hyaluronic acid our bodies produce. That is why we have to ensure that the skincare products we use contain important ingredients such as hyluronic  acid. When I look at skincare products, hyaluronic acid is the one element I will always ensure is contained in the products I apply on my skin. Sensai is a luxury Japanese skincare brand that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Although Sensai focuses mainly on their exclusive skincare products, they also have a fragrance range, makeup range and body range. Sensai has various products from an their exclusive Ultimate skincare rangeRecently Sensai has launched what I can call the Ultimate Cleansing Retreat. This range is definitely for anyone looking for silky flawless skin.
In the Ultimate range, Sensai has now added two new products, Ultimate The Cleansing Oil and Ultimate The Creamy Soap. Ultimate The Cleansing Oil is pure magic, as the cleansing oil is concentrated to gently soak off makeup or any impurities on the skin after a long day. The deep cleansing leaves your skin feeling hydrated and renewed. I suggest applying Ultimate The Cleansing Oil at night before going to bed. Ultimate The Creamy Soap is what I use both morning and evenings. The creamy soap comes with a incredibly soft cleansing brush that creates a luxurious thick layer of creamy soap that lifts any impurities and leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth. I use Ultimate The Cleansing Soap in the morning and after Ultimate The Cleansing Oil at night. 
Sensai is known for luxury and if I could have every product Sensai has to offer in my beauty room, I most certainly will. I cannot express how important it is to use the correct skincare products on your skin and Sensai displays it all. 

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