Gosh, let's think back to last year this time, when it was Spring in Europe & Autumn in South Africa. Everyone was out and about, enjoying social gatherings with friends and family, shopping up a storm and enjoying the outdoors. Nowadays we have had to adapt to a new way of life. A life of social distancing, self-isolation and meeting up with friends and family via Zoom. Luckily we have had amazing brands to thank for helping us #staysafe during this terrible pandemic, otherwise known as Corona. One of my favourite brands that I have recently discovered was Omni Protect, which is a hand and surface sanitizing spray that contains 70% alcohol. Did you know that anything less than 70% alcohol is ineffective and anything over 70% alcohol causes blockages which ultimately doesn't help the germ from staying clear from us. Omni Protect has combined the perfect formula to ensure that we are protected from any germs and has also ensured that it is environmentally friendly.
I have tried to minimize my time spent away from home, but obviously grocery runs are essential once a week. I make sure to sanitize my hands and clothes before leaving home. Once I return from the shops I make sure to sanitize my steering wheel, grocery bags & myself once again by using Omni Protect's sanitizing spray. You can never be sure what you have touched at the shops that might have carried the virus or any germ for that matter. As they say, rather be safe than sorry right? I think the best thing about Omni Protect and the reason why I use this sanitizing spray over any other brand is because Omni Protect is currently the only sanitizing spray that is safe to use on softs, like delicate fabrics. My worst nightmare would be ruin my favourite coat or jeans because of a harsh sanitizing spray. I know that Omni Protect sanitizing spray is safe to use on my clothes and on my grocery items. It really is a win win!
Some more exciting news about this brand, that came to my attention today, which I had to share with you! Omni Protect has partnered with some amazing local personalities, such as Amanda du-Pont, Siya Kolisi & Rachel Kolisi to donate 4000 litres to communities in need as part of their CSI campaign called #SprayItForward. Omni Protect is giving back to communities by rolling out sanitizing stations to major retailers to both the staff and customers. 
You can purchase your Omni Protect Sanitizing Spray at ClicksBuilders WarehousePick 'n PayDischemSpar and Mr Price Home

Wishing you all health and happiness during this difficult worldwide pandemic.
Stay Safe!


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