Since the COVID-19 (Corona) outbreak, the world has pretty much come to a stand still and I can only think and wander what the future has in store for us once this pandemic is over. Although the world economy is taking strain, I can only sympathize with small businesses across the world who are suffering the most in the business world. There are so many small businesses out there that have had to put a sudden halt on production while under #lockdown and have to patiently wait for this all to blow over. I know that the pandemic will soon be over, but the ripple effect that it will have on the economy is detrimental. Anyway, enough economic talk, I just wanted to pop in and promote a special jewellery brand that I came across at the beginning of the year, which I have instantly fallen in love with!
“Adorn at dawn” is this bespoke jewellery design’s philosophy. In such times of uncertainty and stress, I love the way that A Bird Named Frank sees jewellery as fundamental to the human psyche. A second skin that becomes an uninterrupted history of wearing our imagination.
I am so excited to have had the opportunity of collaborating with A Bird Named Frank (ABNF) for a Client of mine, who is getting married in Franschhoek later this year. ABNF was established in 2010 and their high quality handmade jewellery embody their founders, Caryn and Peter, who both have a background in fashion and sculpture.
Featuring the “Rarara” necklace from the Cloud Gate Collection, the three polished brass circles on the sterling silver chain is a delicate and unique piece that can be paired perfectly with a sophisticated outfit for a special occasion, but could also instantly dress up a casual outfit out on the town.
For the ears, I have featured the “Falling Pearls” and “Hold the Ocean”, brass and pearl hoop stud earrings from the Hot Spring Symmetrical Collection. I love the fact that pearls are the only gemstone that come from a living being which always gives a timeless, yet sophisticated look. These earrings are big enough to wear as a statement piece with your hair tied up, but are also so comfortable to wear and pair beautifully with a subtle necklace or bracelet. The use of the natural river pearls means that the pearls all have their own asymmetrical shapes, making each pair of earrings unique and different from the other. 
I particularly like the natural matte finish of all the ABNF products, which will develop a natural patina over time. If you prefer bright and shiny jewellery, all products come with a special polishing cloth for this purpose. Inevitably, over time, the shine will fade so the polishing cloth is great for quickly adding the shine back into the jewellery.

For more info on A Bird Name Frank, click here!


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