Fundi's our prayers have been answered.
The Italian designed pants have taken the South African market by storm and for good reason!
Just like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, Freddy Jeans have created the ultimate pants that fit each and every girl no matter your body type!
Forget about squats and lunges, Freddy Jeans WR.UP® technology lift, shape and tone your bum and legs perfectly. Strategically tailored silicon inside the pants help shape your body in the most natural way, leaving you feeling super confident.
I have not gone back to wearing "normal" jeans since I started wearing my Freddy's last year. Not only are Freddy Jeans the perfect everyday pants, they also give me such a sense of confidence. I know this may sound silly, but only once you have tried on a pair of Freddy's will you understand what I am talking about.
Freddy began as a brand mainly targeting gymnasts and dancers, however the brand has branched out to only include gym wear but also design the perfect everyday jeans. What I love most about their everyday pants is that you can turn a casual day time look into something fabulous in the evening while still wearing the same Freddy Jeans.
One of my favourite collections from Freddy Jeans is their WR.UP® D.I.W.O.® range.
D.I.W.O.® Pro uses a Rhodia Polyamide 6.6 (Emana®) fibre that improves the appearance of skin, increasing elasticity and reducing any imperfections. YES it's true, Freddy Jeans have designed a pair of pants that reduce the appearance of cellulite! I literally can not get enough of my WR.UP® D.I.W.O.® Pro Skinny pants. These pants are not in a jean material so they are prefect pants for an elegant night out.
You cannot go wrong with a pair (or two) of Freddy Jeans! They really are my secret recipe to looking and feeling great!


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