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Back again with a style post today. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen I have just recently come back from a trip away at the Forum Homini Hotel, which you can read all about over here!

Yes it is winter here in South Africa but, like I have mentioned in many of my previous winter outfit posts, the weather in South Africa during winter is really not that cold. The sun is always shining and by midday the temperature is sitting at about 22C (72F). Despite the early mornings and evenings being much colder, I suppose I cannot complain about a South African winter. 
In exactly 2 months today, I am off to the Mediterranean, (Malta to be exact) for a nice 2 week break. Although I have traveled quite extensively along the Mediterranean coast line, I have never been to the island of Malta. I am super excited to travel experience this island. If you guys have any tips on things to do, places to go and experience, please drop your comments down below! I would love to know!

Summer is obviously my favourite season and luckily I will be able to catch the last bit of the Summer weather in Europe at the end of August and then when I return, it will be spring in South Africa which is actually such a nice time of the year as it is not too hot. 
I love this blouse from Bellfield Clothing, I think it is the perfect summer blouse because it's light and breezy but it won't leave you feeling cold when the sun goes down. I love the subtle patterns along the front of the blouse and the cute bell sleeves that give it such a airy feel. This blouse suits the Mediterranean setting perfectly. 
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