Christmas time calls for plenty of items on my wishlist.
If you haven't heard about ZAFUL before, you have been missing out.
ZAFUL have the cutest outfits for all occasions and for every season. 
Currently they are having amazing deals as the holiday season is in full swing. 
I've put together my ZAFUL wishlist of some of the items I love on their website. 
Click on these links to shop their Holiday and Fall Trends:

Shop the items on my wishlist!

A cosy sweater for the holiday season
The Perfect NYE Dress
For those celebrating Christmas in warmer weather
I love these dresses
My ultimate spring dress
Floral was a major trend in 2017
Bohemian vibes just never go out of fashion (shop this dress in either white or navy)
Can;t go wrong with a white wrap dress
My favourite summer dress from Zaful
Can't get enough of the wrap dress 
Nothing more beautiful than an open back dress
Tie-Cuff white dress is gorgeous
Floral perfection
Happy Holidays!



Let's talk beauty!
The Japanese brand, Miniso launched in South Africa in September this year where the brand spoilt us with a two nights stay at the Radisson Blu in Sandton and hosted a magnificent launch party for the lifestyle brand.
Although Miniso sells a range of products from teddy bears to stationary, the brand has now recently launched their very own Beauty Range.
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some of the beauty products that I have loved using so far. 
One of my favourite beauty products has to be lipstick and Miniso has such a beautiful range of lip colours that are to die for. I personally love their soft pink and nude toned lipsticks which are really soft and hydrating. Another one of my favourite items from the Miniso beauty range has to be their cute eye shadow palettes. The eye shadows are really pigmented, which I am sure any makeup lover will appreciate and the palettes are the perfect size to fit in your handbag or makeup bag if you are always on the go. 
Included in the beauty range is a great variety of skincare products. Miniso's Aloe makeup remover works like a charm. After a full day of having makeup on your face, it's important to properly remove it before going to bed. I do not believe in Makeup remover wipes as they do not properly remove the makeup off my face. Miniso's Aloe Makeup remover completely removes all makeup and leaves my skin feel smooth and clean, even before I've washed my face.
All the Miniso skincare products contain natural ingredients, which is great is you have sensitive skin. If you are looking for an affordable yet effective exfoliator, then I suggest trying out the seaweed exfoliating gel from Miniso.
The Miniso stores are still limited with only three open in Johannesburg. However I am sure in the near future, there will be more stores popping up throughout the country. 
Don't forget to head on over to my Facebook Page to see me test out the Minsio Rose Refining face mask and chat about some of my other favourite beauty products from Miniso. 


It's the most wonderful time of the year!
The holiday season is officially in full swing and I couldn't be more excited! However, the thought of having to stand in long lines at stores to shop for Christmas gifts can be very stressful. I personally enjoy doing all my holiday shopping online and in the comfort of my own home. 

Although the holiday's are for spending quality time with friends and family, it's nice to get a little something for Christmas too!

To save you time, I thought I'd put together the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide that you can purchase online or in stores (if you're brave enough to face the holiday shopping madness.) 
For the Travelers:
Samsonite have put together the ultimate travel set for a fashion blogger, like me, and I am totally obsessed. Their Christmas gifts for her are absolutely perfect for both the jet setter and the occasional traveler. From hand luggage to check-in suitcases, Samsonite has you covered for the holiday season.
samsonite fashion blogger
Away Luggage has been a brand I have loved for a few years now. If you are looking for luggage that will compliment your Instagram aesthetic, then Away is the brand to purchase luggage from. From pastel pink to baby blue suitcases, the variety is endless.
For the Fashionistas:
Chloe Faye is one of the most iconic bags at the moment and if you looking for a classic bag to match any and every outfit then look no further. I bought my Chloe Faye online from My Theresa. My Theresa is my favourite luxury online store where you can purchase the most beautiful range of designer items and sometimes they have really good sales on these items too!
chloe faye
Burberry Scarf - For those celebrating Christmas in winter, this is the perfect gift. Not only is a Burberry scarf a classic, which will never go out of style, it will also keep you cosy during the upcoming winter months. 
Seafolly Bikini - and for those of you, like me, who will be celebrating Christmas at the beach, a bikini is the best Christmas gift to get. Seafolly is an Australian brand, which have recently come to South Africa and can be purchased at certain small boutiques in Johannesburg and Cape Town, however, for more of a variety, i would suggest shopping on their online store instead. 
seafolly bikini
For the Beauty Lovers:
Chanel Mademoiselle - One of my favourite perfumes and one of the top selling perfumes for 2017. This subtle yet everlasting perfume is a classic you can't go wrong with. If you are not one for wearing sweet or over powering perfumes, like me, then Mademoiselle from Chanel will suit you perfectly. 
Babor annually comes out with their Christmas Advent Calendar which contains an ampule for everyday leading up to Christmas. As you all know, I am an advocate for looking after my skin. Whether you want to treat yourself to the advent calendar or give it to someone who also enjoys good skincare products then applying these ampules to give you a natural holiday glow is the perfect gift.
MAC have released their annual holiday collection. This year the holiday collection was named the Snow Ball Collection and I am loving the effort that MAC has put into their packaging. The collection has a beautifully pigmented highlighter as well as gorgeous array of Christmas and winter eye shadow colours that will really make any makeup lover drool over the products.
mac snowball collection
GlamGlow, like MAC, also releases a holiday collection yearly. This year GlamGlow has brought out the Ultimate Big Wheel of Sexy. A mini sized Ferris wheel gift set containing 8 amazing treatment masks and one double ended application brush. It is perfectly wrapped already, which saves you time from having to wrap it as well. 
I hope this Christmas Gift Guide, helped you find the perfect gift, whether for yourself pr someone else. 
Keep posted on my Instagram for more Christmas inspiration. 
I wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



aloe ferox
Today's post a little different to my normal posts.
Living a healthy lifestyle is really important to me, however, sometimes it is difficult to stick to eating healthy food all the time. Now over the festive season, I do tend to indulge a little more than usual. I suppose it is all about finding the balance and indulging in moderation right? With today's lifestyle of stress and an unbalanced nutrient intake I need to find supplements that can assist me find some sort of a balance.
Aloe Unqiue has helped me find that balance during the holidays. Cape Aloe Ferox is an amazing plant, found in South Africa. The inner non-bitter aloe leaf juice builds the immune system as well as energises and soothes the digestive system.
From the Aloe Unique range I have been using the Aloe Detox tables that boost and revitalize the immune system and have also assisted with memory and concentration. The second product I have been using is the Aloe Drink which is a pure and organic fibre-rich juice that I tend to take after big or unhealthy meals as it helps soothe and calm digestive discomforts.
The last product from the Aloe Unique range that I use is the Aloe Bitter Crystals which are great for when I want to detox.
Happy Mind, Happy Heart, Happy Soul!



taco tuesdays
A month ago this eccentric rum eatery opened it's doors at the Pineslopes centre in Fourways, Johannesburg. 
If you looking for a restaurant that will look good on your Instagram page, then Roxanne's is the place to visit. The interior of the restaurant is really well put together, with cool signs in neon lights and furniture that is very Instagrammable. Get ready to let your hair down because if you're into getting a tattoo, Roxanne's has a tattoo parlour inside the restaurant where the famous tattoo artists from Fallen Heros in Parkhurst can create awesome art on your skin!
The presentation of each meal was well done and I loved the contrast that each dish reflects on the black slate plates. 
For a starter we shared the Meat Plate which was filled with tempura battered ribs, chicken drummettes, bacon molasses meatballs and rump strips.

For our main meals, we ordered a variety of meals to try out.
1.) The "Provocative" Pizza topped with pulled pork, jalapeno and corn 
2.) Chicken Taco served with Kimchi, lime, smashed black beans and corn piccada
3.) Citrus marinated Steak Taco served with Kimchi, coriander, smashed black beans and corn piccada
4.) Crispy Squid and Curly Fries (absolutely divine)
tacos and meatballs
meat platter
deep fried squid heads
chicken taco
Roaxnne's seems to be quite famous already for their decedent desserts, so we had to try them out. 
For dessert we ordered:
1.) "Sultry" Honeycomb Cheesecake
2.) "Inviting" Waffle topped with Nutella, ice-cream and Oreos
3.) "The Penguin Lady" FreakShake (Milkshake) that contained turkish delight, strawberry lips and rum.
Once again the way in which the dishes were presented was wonderful and of course each dessert was scrumptious.
Out of the three desserts we tasted, the Honeycomb Cheesecake was my absolute favourite. Definitely worth the drive to Fourways for this cheesecake!
new york cheesecake
waffles and ice cream
When reviewing restaurants, I am always honest about my reviews and never wish to mislead my readers. Don't get me wrong, the food is extremely tasty, however, my only criticism that I have about Roxanne's is that the menu is over priced for what you get. R95 for a milkshake and R90 for a waffle is a little steep. The main meals are not reasonably priced either. For a casual dining experience expect to pay about R300 per head!
Here's a link to the restaurant's website!



revlon kiss balm

Looking for a lip balm that will keep your lips soft and smooth? Look no further... Revlon has come out with 6 irresistible kissable lip balms perfect for summer!
Like most people, when the seasons change my skin and lips tend to become very dry. I never seem to find a good enough lip balm that works well enough to keep my lips hydrated for more than an hour. Since I have been using Revlon's kiss balm, my lips have stayed hydrated for most of the day and I tend to only reapply as the kiss balms smell really good.  
The name honestly says it all, as the lip balms taste and smell so delicious.
The lip balms come in 6 fresh fruit flavours:
1.) Tropical Coconut
2.) Fresh Strawberry
3.) Juicy Peach
4.) Berry Burst
5.) Sweet Cherry
6.) Crisp Apple
I love the smell of them all but the Tropical Coconut is most certainly my favourite. The irresistible kiss balm's contain a SPF 20 in them which helps protect your lips from the sun as well as keeps them moisturized and soft. 
Each lip balm retails at R59.95/$3.75 and can be purchased from any CVS or Ulta Beauty in the States and any Dischem, Clicks or from Take A lot in South Africa.
revlon irresistible kiss balm

Keep posted for daily beauty posts on my Instagram page. 



Finally summer has officially kicked off in South Africa and I couldn't be more happy about the weather! 
As December is approaching and everyone is preparing for their summer holidays at the beach, I really wanted to share my personal and favourite sunscreen products that I use to protect my skin from the harsh African sun. With this amazing warm weather in South Africa you can't forget about looking after your skin and protecting it from the harsh UV rays. 
As a blogger and social media influencer, I have tested out many skincare products, however, I am always honest about my reviews and what my personal skin care brand is.
Babor has been my personal skincare brand for many years now, even before I started blogging, and I can and will highly recommend this exclusive and luxury skincare brand to anyone as it has really shown me amazing results. I will be doing a personal skincare post soon where I will show you what my skincare routine is and what products from Babor I use on a daily basis, but for now, head on over to my Instagram page to see which products I use from Babor.
As I've mentioned, summer is in full force here in South Africa and it is really important to look after your skin when in the sun. 
My two favourite Suncreen products from Babor:
The Anti-Aging High Protection Sun Stick contains a SPF 50, which is perfect to apply on your face and areas which are sensitive to the sun. I also apply the Sun Stick on my scars to protect them from further sun damage. Most sunscreens that I have applied to my face have made my skin oily and shiny, which I really can't stand. I have also had sunscreen make my skin breakout completely and have had this "fear" of applying sunscreen to my face as I do not want it to break out. However, since I have been applying the Sun Stick to my face, not only have I had no breakouts, it as also kept my skin moisturized and soft.
The other sunscreen I use from Babor is the Anti-Aging Sun Spray Lotion.
This product contains a SPF 15 and I apply this on my body. What I love most about this sunscreen is that it allows my skin to tan but still protects my skin from the harsh UV rays as well as keeps it moisturized in the sun.
The products are the perfect size to travel with and can fit in your handbag or beach bag.
I recently used these products when I was away in Malta and did not burn once while spending my entire vacation in the sun.
If you are looking for a sunscreen that will protect your skin from the sun without leaving your skin dry, then I highly recommend using the Babor Anti-Aging High Protection Sun Stick and the Babor Anti-Aging Sun Spray Lotion. 

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You all know by now that I love to travel and am very fortunate and grateful to be able to travel the world as a blogger and visit amazing destinations. As most of you know I was recently in Malta. 
What a wonderful island to visit. I really got to experience the best of this magical island in September. Not a lot of people know much about the Maltese islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) and therefore, I thought I'd put together the Ultimate Malta Travel Guide so that you can learn more about the island and that if you wish to travel to Malta, you'll be able to stop at these locations that I have recommended.
Even though the island is only 27 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide, Malta has so much to offer! A fun fact about Malta is that season one of Game of Thrones was filmed on the island and you can go on a guided full day tour to all the locations where the series was filmed!
1.) Paradise Bay - This beautiful blue bay is located near the PopEye Village in the Mellieha area. The name of this bay speaks for itself and if you are looking for a location to take beautiful photos on the cliff's edge of Malta, then I highly recommend visiting Paradise Bay. 
2.) Blue Lagoon - Located on Comino Island (the smallest island I have ever been on, which separates main land Malta and the island of Gozo). The Blue Lagoon is amazingly beautiful. I have never seen such clear sea water in my life. I really did feel like I was in the Maldives. The Blue Lagoon is a gorgeous location for swimming and snorkelling as well as taking amazing photos. My only criticism about this location is that is is completely over crowded and there is no actual beach, so you end up having to sit on rocks and "try" enjoy the scenery. Luckily I did not visit the Blue Lagoon in the middle of summer, as I can only imagine how much more crowded this Lagoon must be in peak season. Despite my criticism, I still highly recommend taking a chartered boat to the Lagoon and spending a couple hours there.
3.) Mellieha Bay - One of my favourite swimming beaches in Malta. Although Malta is very rocky and most of the Bays do not have much space to lay on the beach, as there is no sand but only rock, Mellieha Bay is the exception to the rest. This Bay is the largest sandy beach in Malta and is perfect for swimming as the water is crystal clear, shallow and warm. Personally I preferred this beach over the Blue Lagoon because it is not so crowded and you can at least lay on the sand comfortably and enjoy the day out at the beach. 
1.) Gozo - Gozo forms part of the Maltese islands and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to travel via ferry from Malta to Gozo. Gozo, just like Malta, is rich with history! Although you can visit the island in one day, it is still worth spending a couple days on the island itself to really appreciate it's beauty. Fun fact, although Game of Thrones was filmed on mainland Malta, most of season one was filmed on Gozo island. A must see when on Gozo is the Azure Window (also where a major Game of Thrones scene was filmed)! Although Azure Window is no longer there, as a storm last year destroyed it, it is still worth going to the location and viewing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea from the high cliffs edge. 
2.) Valletta Waterfront - The waterfront has only recently been completed and is a beautiful location to enjoy a romantic night out. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy and a perfect place to overlook the city of Valletta. As you walk along the waterfront there are traditional doors which are painted in red, blue, yellow and green. Each colour symbolises the Maltese culture. Red symbolises wine, blue symbolises fish,  yellow symbolises wheat and green symbolises fresh produce.
3.) Popeye Village - not far from the beautiful beach of Paradise Bay is where PopEye Village is located. The PopEye Village was built specifically for the 1980's musical "PopEye" starring Robin Williams. The Film set is now a popular tourist attraction, which has turned into a small but fun theme park with restaurants and fun activities to enjoy!
1.) Laguna Marina - A charter company located at the Valetta Waterfront, Laguna Marina is a great company to take you out on a chartered boat around Malta and enjoy all the sites while sipping on some champagne, of course. The team and I enjoyed a boat cruise with Captain William from Laguna Marina, who took us around the different bays on the north eastern side of the island. It was a fun filled day and highly recommendable to those who enjoy boat cruises.
2.) Mdina - The Silent city of Malta and previously the old capital city of Malta, Mdina is absolutely breathtaking. This city traces back more than 4000 years ago and is filled with medieval history. If you are interested in history then this is most definitely a place to visit. Not far from Mdina, is the town of Rabat where the St Paul's catacombs are located. This for me was super fascinating and really worth the visit, despite the heat underground. 
3.) Upper Barrakka Gardens - The beautiful public garden overlooks the Grand Harbour in Valletta. Everyday at noon the cannons go off saluting the traveling navel vessels. This happens daily and is a great place for taking photos and enjoying the view of the three cities. 
Before I begin naming my favourite restaurants in Malta, you can read about each of them in depth by clicking on the links below. 
1.) Paranga - If you love fish and good quality seafood then I suggest visiting Paranga, which you can read all about here.
2.) Water Biscuit - Located inside the Intercontinental, this modern restaurant serves the best Salmon Ceasar Salad I have ever tasted. Click here to read all about it. 
3.) Cibo - I love authentic Italian food and I found the perfect restaurant in Malta that serves this. Read all about it here. 
4.) Harbour Club - MORE Fish and GREAT fish! The Harbour Club, which is located on the water's edge in Valletta is a beautiful and romantic dinner spot to enjoy the freshest seafood in the city! You can read all about my experience on my blog post about this restaurant.
One more fact about Malta, is that the Maltese people love fireworks. I have never been to a country where fireworks are displayed on a daily basis. Whether is be in broad daylight or in the evening, the Maltese people are always celebrating something!
As you may have noticed fro my photos, every spot in Malta is very Instagram worthy, so if you decide to travel to Malta you can't miss the opportunity to capture the moment for the gram!



If you have been reading my blog posts lately, you would have noticed that the majority of this month and last month's posts have been mostly food related. There is no denying that I love good food and good wine while traveling and therefore I have had to share these wonderful dining experiences with you all!
Recently, I traveled to Malta and stayed in a beautiful suite at the Intercontinental located at St Julian's Bay. Click here to read all about my stay there.
Today's post is all about the two fine dining restaurants located at the Intercontinental. Although, the hotel has six restaurants on site, these two restaurants are their fine dining restaurants.
When in St Julian's and wanting to indulge a little more than usual, I would highly recommend having lunch or dinner at Paranga. Paranga is located on the water's edge at Intercontinental's private beach. YES, the Intercontinental Malta has it's own private beach which is exclusive for their guests only! Every night Paranga extends the restaurant onto the beach where you can either enjoy sun downers on the beach or have dinner with your feet in the sand. This totally is my ideal romantic setting!
We were accompanied by the charming Stephen Coppini, managing director of Leisure at the Intercontinental, we had the pleasure of having a lunch at Paranga where the chef spoilt our taste buds with the best seafood lunch I have had in a long time. 
For starters we enjoyed a delicious seafood platter consisting of prawns, squid heads, calamari and octopus, just the way it was prepared was delicious and mouthwatering.
For main we indulged in a 3-way fish meal consisting of crispy prepared rockfish, grilled line fish with a unique dressing as well as a sea bass complimenting the fresh flavours.
The wine pairing was outstanding! We enjoyed a crisp Grand Vin De Hauteville, superior Maltese Wine from the Delicata winery. 
Last, but never least, is dessert. Gosh, I have the biggest sweettooth and thankfully Paranga satisfied this with an amazing dessert platter consisting of 3 traditional Italian  desserts. On the platter we had tiramisu soaked in amaretto and coffee as well as an almond and orange blossom water peanut tart with caramel and stracciatella ice cream .... sensational!
The next day we had an enjoyable lunch at the Waterbiscuit.
The Water biscuit has an all day breakfast menu, a lunch menu and an exclusive dinner menu where dinner is served in the upstairs section of the restaurant, which has been tastefully decorated. I enjoyed a lovely salmon Cesar salad, with a divine dressing, sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.
We also enjoyed a lovely risotto with crispy pork, oyster mushrooms, broad beans and pecorino emulsion. With an all day dining menu one can order breakfast any time of the day and so a typical Eggs Benedict, with poached eggs served on top of the unique maltese muffin, was to also be ordered for us to indulge in.
The Waterbiscuit is the perfect alternative restaurant to the average mundane.
All in all the meals were lovely and a perfect spot for lunch. Whether you are staying at the Intercontinental or not, I recommend that you have lunch or dinner at either Paranga or the Waterbiscuit or even both!

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