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Finally my little masterpiece is complete. 

As many of you may know, I have recently moved into my new home, which we built from the ground up. I am so grateful that my architect, who is also my dad, got to design this beautiful home. Despite moving into a newly built home without much furniture, I needed to find a place that I could continue working from. Each room in the house is uniquely designed to fit into my lifestyle and so it was important for me to include an office into my home, for my business. A home office can sometimes become a place that ends up being a storage room filled with unnecessary things that collect dust. I really wanted to create a space where I could creatively work and enjoy this environment.  Writers block is a real struggle and it is difficult to find inspiration when you work in a noisy coffee shop or public place.  
Starting with my home office was an exciting first project of the interior design part of the house. For me a good starting point was looking at ideas for office spaces on Pinterest, which most represent my personality. I searched colours, decorations, art and furniture that applied most to me and my interests.  
I think choosing a wall colour for any room is a difficult decision to make.  We had painted the entire exterior and most of the interior of the house with Plascon Premium, which looked fantastic across the house, so it was no-brainer for me that I would be using the same Premium Range to paint my office space.   Searching and comparing inspiring office spaces on Pinterest helped me choose the colours for this room, making the process that much easier. I chose Plascon Cashmere because of its plush matt finish and a wide variety of colours that I love so dearly. It became easier for me to choose the colours for the room because once I had decided on the type of aesthetic I was aiming to achieve, the Feathery Blue and Cognac Cream from Plascon Cashmere ended up choosing themselves.  The process of getting the ball rolling was most probably the most exciting part of this project. It was fun to be involved in all aspects of creating this room and making it the perfect place for me to get work done. It was important for me to be in a space where I enjoyed working so that creating articles, editing photos and collaborating with brands on exciting projects would be a constant innovating experience for me. This was what I wanted to achieve and oh my, did I achieve my dream office space.  
I love a room that is timeless yet modern, although something like this is not always easy to achieve. Some say you have to either be classic in the entire space or completely modern, but the room cannot be both. I, on the other hand, went against this mainstream rule and chose to combine the two, which I am so happy about. Rose gold, although a current favourite in all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, may not be in for a very long time, but it is an element of interior that is aesthetically pleasing, and I love how it compliments many components in the room. I have many rose gold elements in my house and so to compliment this theme, I chose to incorporate small pieces of rose gold in my home office as well. Timeless and classic is, for me, an essential part of design. I do not mean “boring and unconventional”, but something that you will always look at and be happy with the outcome.  So, when I chose the colour of the walls, it was this idea that I had in mind. I think the colour Feathery Blue and Cognac Cream are soft and easy on the eye making it simple to change the interior design pieces if trends start to migrate away from my beloved rose gold addiction. With fashion, beauty and lifestyle being the main elements of my blog, I created my office in such a way that I could include key pieces to this theme. Every piece that is placed in the office was, of course, well thought out and represents my life and who I am. I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a better working environment and I am so happy with it all. 
Plascon South Africa 
Plascon South Africa
Plascon South Africa
Plascon Premium
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