Ever heard of a "Farm to Table" experience? Being a city girl, this was a new concept to me.

While I was down in the Cape, I had the pleasure of traveling to Boschendal Wine Estate in collaboration with Boschendal at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch. Boschendal has recently opened a quaint little restaurant in the heart of Stellenbosch, sourcing fresh produce from the Boschendal farm only. It is truly a unique experience to eat there. 
Upon our arrival we were treated to delicious savoury treats and freshly brewed coffee, before we all headed off to the Boschendal farm. When we got to the farm, we had a little tour of the coffee shop, butchery and merchandise shop. Thereafter, we started with the fun "Farm to Table" experience, where we harvested fresh produce from the various sections of the farm, gathering delicious fruits, vegetables and eggs. I couldn't believe how big the farm was and how much produce is harvested on the farm. Everything, from the eggs to the vegetables, is organically harvested on the farm and freshly prepared at the Oude Bank restaurant. After a fun filled day at Boschendal we headed back to Oude Bank in Stellenbosch, where the head chef of the restaurant prepared the most delicious 5 course meal for us, from all the produce that we had gathered at the farm. The food was outstanding and was well thought out as each dish complimented the Boschendal wines so well. The day started at 9am and ended at 3pm, although a long day, it was well spent!
If you looking for a unique experience in the wine lands, then I would highly recommend this "Farm to Table" experience at Boschendal Wine Estate.


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  1. Cape Town looks so beautiful, would love to visit one day. The photos are amazing, and the food looks delicious. A very tempting post, was a great read!!
    Junaid Iqbal Memon


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