Currently this post goes out to all my Southern Hemisphere dolls! Yes winter has officially kicked in and it is time to unpack the boxes and get out the coats and boots.

Although we may not have extreme winters, as those in the northern hemisphere have, we sure do have some cold mornings and cold evenings. 

This parka for me is the ultimate jacket for winter. Not only is it super warm, comfy and soft, it also pretty much matches every outfit I wear and it an easy to wear parka that is perfect for any occasion. The parka is part of Bellfield's "The Maker" trend, which is the perfect must have coat to have in your wardrobe.

You can shop this parka in either the colour army green or in sand beige. I chose the army green, just because I personally own way too many sand beige coats and jackets.

Scroll down for the outfit details and don't forget that you can personally shop my clothes on either my blog or on Instagram via


Outfit details:

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