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So today's review is a combination of products. 
So a couple weeks ago I bought some new Catrice products ( have always been a fan of their makeup) and thought that I should write a review on it so that you as my readers can see how amazing these products are at such an affordable price. 
BB Cream: Derma Fix
Concealer: Catrice Cosmetics
Eye Brow Pencil: Catrice Cosmetics
Highlighter: Catrice Cosmetics
Eyeshadow: Catrice Cosmetics
Mascara: Maybelline
Lipstick: Catrice Cosmetics

BB Cream is the most amazing thing invented, not only does it work as a foundation but it provides benefits to your skin in other ways such a acting as a moisturiser and has a SPF 15. I haven't tried many BB Cream's yet but from the ones I have tried, Derma Fix has got to be one of the best out there.
From Catrice's Allround concealer to their amazing Absolute Eye Color eyeshadow, this brand has it all. Catrice Cosmetics has high quality products at great prices. All Catrice Cosmetics can be bought at most drugstores. 
The Luminous lips 080 lipstick from Catrice works like a charm. It's a colour stay lipsticks and while on a night out, this lipstick is sure to stay on. 
Enough with Catrice, let's move onto Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara is rocking! It not only has a super thick volumising affect, it stays on for hours without having to reapply it. 

I can obviously go on for hours about these products but let me just get to the bottom of this... Catrice Cosmetics,  Maybelline and Derma Fix are the best!


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