Winter Winter Winter!

I know you fashionistas in the northern hemisphere are all enjoying the wonderful sights and smells of Summer but down here we just beginning with Winter.
Winter in South Africa is an odd time of the year, most people have no idea how to dress because the nights are cold but the days are warm. Its funny cause the minute you step in the sun, you boil and the minute you step in the shade, you freeze!

So what do we wear?!

My simple style tips...

A classic pair of jeans are always great because you don't over boil in them nor do you get cold in them. Then I chose this super cute blouse from Cotton On as it is chic and will keep me cool when I'm out and about in the sun! Over the blouse you don't need a heavy winter jacket/coat because you honestly will over heat. Try style up your outfit with a trendy short jacket/blouse that will keep you just warm enough when you do step into the chilly shade or meet a friend for dinner. Finally for me I hate cold feet so to keep them warm I love my trendy brown boots from Country Road. I suggest you go grab yourself a pair classic boots that are easy to wear with any outfit combination!

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Cotton On

Jacket: Zara
Boots: Country Road
Handbag: Kate Spade
Love Bracelet:Cartier
Sunglasses: Fossil
Watch: Skagen
Necklace: Atmosphere


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